Thursday, April 14, 2016

Graduation Dress Guide

Whether you are graduating high school or college, or you're attending someone's graduation, it's always great to stock up on a few dresses in advance so you have a few different options to wear. We have to wear white dresses at my school, but I want to keep mine a secret until the big day! No matter what graduation you are attending, I think the key is to look classy and put together. You don't want a dress that is too short or too revealing because you will be surrounded by lots of friends, family and teachers. Below I have gathered a bunch of my favorites from dressier to a bit more casual as well as more neutral to brighter patterns. I would honestly wear every one of them!

Shop a few other options below: 

I really need to get shopping in preparation for all the parties! 

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  1. You just reminded me to look for a graduation dress. I don't think I have any requirements for my dress, so I have many choices. You choose such great options, especially the navy one.
    girl C


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