Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Difference Between Apparel and Home Trends

Hello and happy Tuesday! Today I'm excited to share a little research project I did for my internship: comparing apparel trends with home trends and how they're changing in the future. It's been really cool getting to learn more about the furniture industry, and I've noticed some similarities and differences when looking at this industry compared to the apparel one. Enjoy!! xo

If you’re familiar with the interior design or furniture industries, then you might know how interior design trends change much slower than apparel ones do. With fashion, every season there’s a major shift in terms of what’s “in” at the moment, and these trends often do not last more than a few months or even weeks. In furniture, however, things move much slower. Why is this the case? Well, apparel trends move quicker because people buy clothes a lot more frequently than they buy a sofa or a rug. There is a more urgent need for new clothes each season than there is for new furniture. And with the rise of fast fashion, retailers are able to turn around new merchandise even faster than ever before, which makes trends change quicker as well. Furniture also lasts longer and is much more expensive than clothing, which makes the consumption slower and therefore changing trends slower.

It’s also interesting to look at how fashion influences interior design trends. Recently, apparel trends have really been influencing what happens aesthetically in interiors. It starts with designer runway shows in Europe, and progressively trickles down to markets like ready-to-wear and then eventually into home. So, chances are a trend like Pantone’s 2018 color of the year Ultra Violet will play a role in interiors in the coming months!

However, recently there has been an interesting change in the way people have been shopping for their homes. According to the UK Fashion Network, “customers are now approaching the homeware category in the same way they buy their clothes: trend-oriented, impulsive and seasonal.” Retailers are starting to mix their store layouts to include both clothing and homegoods all in one area, making shopping for the home a more frequent, day-to-day thing. This inspires the customer to update the decor in their home as much as they would their wardrobe. CEO of an on-demand interior design service called Homepolish, Noa Santos, says something similar: “People are engaging with their home spaces or office spaces very similarly to how they engage with their wardrobes. A space is never really done—it becomes a continual reflection of themselves.”

Have you noticed the home industry becoming more incorporated into your frequent shopping? Places like Anthropologie and Nordstrom definitely make me want to redecorate my bedroom!
Thank you to Steinhafels (where I'm interning!) for shooting a few pictures of me in one of their stores!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

What I Eat in A Day (Summer Edition)

I'm back with a very long overdue Wellness Wednesday post! Today I'm talking about what I've been eating every day during the summer. 

By the end of my second semester of sophomore year, I was snacking an unreal amount and generally eating pretty unhealthy. (Read: a few too many ice cream runs with my roomies!) So for the summer, I decided to start eating super clean to feel better and get in a healthier routine. I cut out most carbs (besides the occasional whole grain toast, quinoa and plain popcorn) and tried to subtract as much dairy from my diet as possible. My brother is allergic to dairy so we really don't have a ton in our house anyway! Besides my morning mochas, I pretty much avoid all dairy now (except ice cream and chocolate every once and a while, obvi).
So does this healthier diet really do anything? Well, I honestly feel a lot better - more energized, happy and ready to tackle my to-do list. I eat a toooon of fruits and veggies everyday and never feel too full, but rather satisfied. It's almost like I crave fruits when I want something sweet (which is pretty weird since I have a big sweet tooth!).

Now, here's pretty much what I eat every day:

Breakfast: 7:30 am
-One scrambled egg
-A few baby tomatoes or a little pico de gallo
-Half of an avocado

Snack: 11:00 am
-Grapes or raspberries (at my cubicle!)

Lunch: 12:30 pm
-Mixed greens
-Tilapia, lemon chicken or flank steak
-Carrots and hummus

Snack: 3:00 pm
-Raw almonds (I just switched over from salted/roasted and kind of like raw better!)

Dinner: 7:00 pm
(Depends on the day)
-Veggies (green beans or brussel sprouts are my fave)
-Sometimes quinoa if I feel like it 

Snack: 9:00 pm
-Fruit or Trader Joe's organic popcorn

I've been eating a little more ice cream than usual but, hey, gotta treat yourself!

What do you eat in a typical day? I'm curious to hear new ideas!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

I'm Back + A Summer Update

Hello hello I'm back from the dead!

I so apologize for the silence around here for almost two months. With finals, moving home, 2 weeks in New York, getting adjusted to my new internship and starting a pretty awful summer class, I've been a bit swamped!

So you're probably wondering what the heck I've been doing since April when I posted last. Well, here's a bit of an update.

Sophomore year was honestly my favorite one so far both academically and socially. This past semester I took some awesome classes like Visual Communications, Marketing, Retail Professionalism and Intro to Media. Needless to say, I seriously enjoyed my school work and all of the fun projects on my to-do list. I can confidentially say that I am totally in the right major and minors for me, and I am so excited for the fun courses ahead too. (For reference, I'm majoring in Apparel Merchandising through the School of Art, Architecture and Design and then minoring in Marketing through the Kelley School of Business and Media and Creative Advertising through the Media School.) Then socially, I definitely found my people this year. I was always so nervous about being in a sorority because I thought I would get sick of being with so many girls all the time, but it has really been the biggest blessing I could have ever imagined. Moving home was such an adjustment because I wasn't used to not being with 5 of my best friends at all times! From late nights chatting about life to ice cream runs to studying at the library, this past semester was one of the best of my life. I soaked up every moment with my people and can't wait to move back so we can do it again.

After I moved home, I had just a few days before I headed to New York City for two weeks. The first week was for what was called the New York Field Seminar which is an application based 3 credit course that about 26 of us attended. I only knew one girl going and it was so fun bonding with everyone over running around the city going to appointments at different companies. We went to some awesome companies like Nike Swim, Club Monaco, L'Oreal and the Kohl's Design Center, and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to go. That weekend, I took the Jitney to the Hamptons because one of my best friends from school lives there. Even though the weather was cold and rainy, we had so much fun shopping and spending way too much money on food. And then the second week, I attended the Ross Sophomore Externship back in the city. There were only 11 of us there and it was awesome getting to see what buyers and planners really do on a daily basis. I used to be hesitant about wanting to potentially intern or work full time in NYC, but both of these weeks made me think: why not?!

What have I been up to since then? Well, my brother graduated high school the day after I got back (yay Chuck!) and I started my internship at a furniture company about 40 minutes from my house the week after. I'm working in both the buying office and advertising departments and have gotten to do some awesome things like write product descriptions and help design the set for commercials. Unlike last summer where there was a whole intern squad, I'm the only intern this summer so I've been super busy working on a variety of projects. I'm learning a ton and have quickly discovered that coffee every morning is veeery important :)

So you're probably wondering now... is she back for real or what? Well, I do plan to post as much as I can, but with my summer class (which is getting pretty hectic since it's crammed into 8 weeks) and my internship, I'm not going to promise 3 posts every week because it's just not realistic at the moment. But, I do have some fun post ideas in the works that I think you guys will love! I'm trying to really think about what content I love to read (and watch on Youtube because it's my latest obsession), and I can't wait to share them with you. I've been trying to live in a more healthy, balanced way this summer, and I want to share these ideas with you guys too!

As always, let me know if you have any post ideas - I love hearing what you guys want to read!
Happy Hump Day!

Friday, April 20, 2018

Friday Fours

How is it already Friday?! This week has flown by and it makes me sad knowing that there are just a few more left until move out. As excited as I am for summer, there are so many hurdles to cross before I can even think about things other than school. I have some fun things planned for the summer and I can't wait to share them with you when I have them all locked down. We are also in the process of signing our lease for our senior year house which is pretty crazy to be thinking about! Here's a step into my week:


Although the weather fluctuates from 30 degrees to 70 degrees from one day to the next, it is finally starting to look like spring here in Bloomington. How gorgeous is this tree in our front yard?!  

I've been getting over a pretty bad cold and have been trying to speed it up by eating tons of fruits and veggies. I can't wait to eat this many pretty, colorful foods this summer! Does anyone else have a Pinterest board dedicated to food to make over the summer, or is that just me...

Did you see that Target launched their line with Hunter? Even though our store was definitely more kidswear focused, it was still fun to see what they all came out with. I haven't bought anything yet but am considering  a fun jacket like this,  a bold pair of slides or  this pretty umbrella!

 I don't know what it has been about this year but I just feel so out of a routine lately. Since I end class by 10:45 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have most of the day to do whatever I need to. As nice as this is, I miss having a specific schedule with designated chunks of time to study, workout, etc. That's just a big part of college I guess! In the next 2 weeks I just really need to buckle down and get everything checked off my to-do list. 

This weekend is our huge Little 500 bike race (women's on Friday and men's on Saturday) and I can't wait to watch our team race! Delta Gamma won what's called "quals" (the qualifying sprint race a few weeks ago), so we can't wait to go cheer on our amazing bike team. 
I hope you have a productive + fun weekend!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

15 Things for Spring

I seriously can't stop shopping for spring. It's honestly becoming kind of an issue at this point! Even though I haven't bought a ton, I keep loading up my shopping carts on multiple websites, debating whether or not I should take the plunge. I've gathered up 15 pieces I love and thought I'd share them with you in case you're in need of some spring inspo!

Happy Shopping!

Friday, April 6, 2018

Friday Fours

Happy Friday! After this week's absolutely crazy weather changes (68 degrees one day, 25 and snowing the next), I'm excited to hopefully have a warmer weekend ahead. I have a bunch of projects I need to check off my to-do list and look forward to sleeping in and spending time with my friends. 


Last weekend was weird because all of my friends in my sorority except 3 went home for Easter, so as you can imagine, the house was super quiet! It was pretty nice having the house to ourselves. On Easter, my friend Leslie and I went to the cutest church and then out for brunch after. 


How amazing is this bruschetta bar?! I wish I could eat like this every day. I've been trying to be more conscious of what foods I'm putting in my body on a daily basis and have to say, I feel so much better when I'm eating cleaner (shocker, right?!).

Since the weather's been so back and forth, I've been wearing my joggers a fair amount! I used to never wear them out of the house, but they're just too comfy to not wear to class sometimes. I think they look so cute with a casual look like a white tee and jean jacket. 

It's insane to think that I have just about a month left before I move home for the summer. While I am sooo ready to be done with classes, I'm not ready to live far away from my best friends! I can't wait to live the last few weeks to the fullest. 

Have a great weekend!

Monday, April 2, 2018

How to Freshen up for Spring

Even though it literally snowed here in Bloomington last night (don't even get me started), I can't help but have the urge to spring clean everything in sight now that it's April. Tidying things up a bit as the seasons change is one of my favorite things to do and since school is about to get even busier with finals coming up, some cleaning is very necessary! I like to think I have a system down when it comes to "freshening" things up, so I thought I would dedicate a post to it today.  

+ Unfollow accounts on social media 
I recently did this on my blog account and as much as it made me sad to unfollow some accounts that I occasionally look at, it's really going to decrease my time on Instagram every day. Unfollowing 50 people makes such a big difference and you'll notice that you won't have as much to scroll through, so you'll be on social media less! 

+ Delete old emails 
Maybe this is just me, but nothing is more overwhelming than having waaay too many emails in my inbox. Every day I make sure to clear out new notifications, but there are always emails I can get rid of that I totally forget about. If you can, try to get the total number of emails in your inbox under 100! You'll feel so much more organized and on top of things. 

+ Go through camera roll 
Ok, I am so guilty when it comes to how many photos I have on my camera roll. Since I have an iPhone with more storage, I have an excuse to store more pictures, but my current total of 8,000 is pretty out of hand. Back up all of your photos on your laptop or an external drive, and then delete as many photos as possible off of your phone. This will (hopefully) help your phone run faster and make your camera roll feel less cluttered. 

+ Wipe down technology screens 
I was raised to love Windex and cleaning down surfaces (please tell me I'm not the only one!), so taking a lysol wipe and wiping down my laptop, phone, etc. is just the greatest feeling ever. There's also a pretty bad virus going around my campus right now, so it's beneficial to do this every few days! 

+ Rearrange your desk 
It seems like these days my desk is just a place to hold clutter rather than actually do work. Since there's three of us in our pretty tiny room, I keep all of my makeup, extra books/binders, jewelry, etc on my desk and as you can imagine, it gets pretty chaotic. Take time every week (or every day if you can!) to get rid of junk and keep it looking tidy. My mood honestly revolves around the state of my room, and I feel so much better about things if my desk is organized. 

+ Clean out your backpack/purse 
Lastly, to get rid of extra clutter, empty out your backpack or purse. I can't tell you how many half eaten granola bars, gum wrappers, dead pens, etc I've found in mine and it is so refreshing to get it all clean! 

I hope these tips get you going on the right track! I promise you'll feel 100% better after doing even two of these things to "spring clean" your life. 
Comment below any other things you do! 

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Anthropologie Home at Nordstrom

I don't know whether it's the fact that my friends and I are looking for senior year housing or that I'm just so ready for spring, but I've had such a dangerous interior shopping bug lately. Home goods are one of my absolute favorite things to shop for because it's like a giant puzzle you're trying to piece together over time - I'm sure searching for bigger furniture like couches and tables is much more stressful, but little accents like pillows and throws are so fun! I came across Anthropologie's new line at Nordstrom and oh-my-goodness do I want to buy it all up and decorate an apartment. While I wouldn't consider Anthro's clothes to really be my style, I absolutely love their home products. They add such a fun and unique element to any space and really spice up more simple basics like bedding, couches, rugs, etc. I pulled together just a few of my many favorites from the line - you have to go check it out for yourself!

Are you as in love as I am?