Monday, November 5, 2018

Must-Have Teddy Coat Dupe

Hello! It's been a minute but I'm back to share the most amazing jacket dupe with you that's perfect for fall and winter. I've been seeing the  I.AM.GIA. Pixie Coat absolutely everywhere, and while I really do love it, I just don't feel the need to spend $100+ on such a trendy piece. So when I found a dupe for $19.99 (yes, you heard that right!), I scooped it up so fast and haven't taken it off since it arrived. 

I originally thought I would only wear mine with a very laid-back legging look for class, but I recently paired it with distressed jeans and a tee and it was the cutest, coziest outfit for fall! You can honestly wear it so much day to day and I can't recommend a piece for fall and winter more. 

Zaful version / I.AM.GIA version

Have you been seeing teddy coats everywhere too? Are you wanting to live in one all season long?

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Podcasts You Need to Listen to

Ever since my internship this summer, I have been absolutely podcast-obsessed. I've listened to so many different kinds... from murder mysteries to dating horror stories to health and wellness tips, I love the funny, informative and inspirational podcasts out there. These seem to be really #trendy right now and I seriously can't recommend trying them out enough. I plug in my air pods and listen on my way to class, before bed or just when I'm doing mindless work at a coffee shop. Since I've tried out so many and have discussed them all with my friends, I thought it was about time I wrote a post sharing my favorites! 

This is hands down my absolute favorite podcast I've ever listened to. I got all my friends addicted and we would wait around religiously every Wednesday for the new episode to be posted. It's definitely raunchy and unfiltered, but if you love funny dating advice and anything Betches related, then this is a must-listen. Just make sure your ear buds are plugged in all the way :) 

I started listening to Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio's podcast right when it came out, and I'm so impressed by the smart, real content they've been posting each week. It's really refreshing hearing about the lives of fellow college girls, and since they're so successful in the Youtube industry, it's so valuable to listen to their insights on topics like productivity.  

If you like hearing about health and wellness (ie. trendy diets, new workouts, etc.), then you'll love this funny podcast (also by Betches). It's really relatable and a nice change of pace from other popular podcasts out there. 

Learning the stories behind successful entrepreneurs always puts me in such a productive mindset, and Second Life is the perfect afternoon pick me up that will do just that. I've listened to episodes interviewing the founder of, DryBar, and even Jessica Alba. If you love hearing about successful women, then you'll love Second Life!  

To be honest I've only listened to this one once, but I've heard really great things about The Morning Toast. They talk about a variety of current events and trending topics like Hurricane Florence, To All the Boys I've Loved Before, and Colton (the new Bachelor). I think this is the next one I'm going to start! 

Now I'm curious to know: what Podcasts do you listen to? I need some new ideas! 

Friday, September 7, 2018

Athleisure I'm Loving

After having a few weeks of classes under my belt now, I have been constantly gathering outfit inspiration from students around campus and taking mental note of pieces I want to add to my wardrobe. College is such a unique time because you can get away with wearing casual, comfy clothes for class every day. While it's tempting to roll out of bed in an oversized tee Monday through Friday, I think it's a fun opportunity to create a stylish yet cozy look! Athleisure has been trendy for months now, and it seems like nearly every retailer has great options that fit this image. I've rounded up some of my favorites to share with you - don't you want them all?! From distressed joggers to oversized sweatshirts and fun baseball hats, I love how effortless and cool all of these pieces make you feel.

Some of my favorite places to look for pieces like these that aren't crazy expensive are Aerie, Target and H&M. They're trendy, fun and you won't feel bad if you don't wear them after one or two seasons because the prices are so reasonable.

Are you obsessed with adding athleisure to your closet right now too?

Monday, August 20, 2018

Sunday Night Rituals

Summer Sunday nights have come to be one of my favorite things during the week. There's something about spending some time outside, having a healthy dinner, being productive and getting to bed a little earlier that just sets you up for such a great week. There are certain little ~rituals~ I like to do every Sunday and after seeing similar blog posts and Youtube videos, I thought it would be fun to share my own! This was my first Sunday night back at school and I'm excited to get into my little night routine again. 
+ face mask
I never remember to do a face mask but lately it has become a Sunday night tradition! Over the summer my mom and I had been testing out a ton of different ones and loved doing them together on Sunday nights. It's such a nice little treat for your face and inexpensive indulgence!

+ long shower
I always feel rushed when I shower throughout the week as it's usually in the morning before work during the summer or right before dinner at school. Sundays are the perfect day to spend a little more time pampering yourself. I love blasting some music and taking a warm shower on Sunday nights for a little extra TLC.

+ tidy up
Whether it's a pile of workout clothes on the floor or makeup products scattered across my bathroom counter, I love putting things away and wiping everything down with a little Windex. Waking up on Monday morning is so much better with a clean space!

+ to-do list
I usually have a ton of things I need to do going through my head during the weekend, so it really helps to organize my thoughts by writing a big to-do list for the week. Maybe it's just me, but writing out everything makes me want to be more productive and check them all off the list!

+ laundry
This is probably obvious for some people, but even if I have a few things I need to wash for the week (ie. socks, etc.), I really try to get that done on Sundays. It's so refreshing going into the week with everything clean and put away.

Do you have any Sunday night rituals you've found yourself doing?

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

My Back to School Must-Haves

I can't believe I'm halfway done with college... it's so crazy to think that I'll be completely finished with school in just two short years. AH! But junior year is going to be crazy busy and packed with a lot of fun things so I'm really eager to head back to Bloomington in 2 days! Back to school shopping has been one of my absolute favorite things for as long as I can remember. Getting our "school supply" lists from our teachers and heading to Target for new binders, notebooks and pens was always the highlight of my summer (pretty sad, I know). These days back to school shopping consists more of clothes and various essentials rather than supplies, but the excitement is still the same! I made a list of new pieces to stock up on for the new school year and I thought I would share them with you guys.
+ A New Pair of Sneakers
I wear a pair of fun sneakers every single day to class, so I've been searching high and low for a new pair to invest in for this semester. The winner was this pair of olive I-5923s and I can't wait to wear them with shorts, leggings and jeans! They are so light that you feel like you are barely wearing anything on your feet - perfect for walking around a big campus like mine. I found them for a great price on Amazon and couldn't say no.

+ Basic Tees
My school "uniform" is a pair of leggings, jean jacket, sneakers and a basic tee, so buying a few more tees to add to my collection is a must. American Eagle's Soft and Sexy tees are my favorite, so I'm thinking of buying one in almost every color!

+ Sleek Backpack
Last year I used the Madeline & Company gray faux leather slim and could not even tell you how much I loved it. I was planning to use it again but Madeline recently reached out to me and showed me their new slims that can be monogrammed, so you know I'll be snagging one of those and using it this semester!

+ Distressed Jeans
I'm not sure why, but I can never seem to find a good pair of distressed jeans. I'm so picky about where the rips are, so it makes finding a pair kind of difficult. But investing in a new pair of jeans or two is perfect if the students at your school dress pretty casually like mine. American Eagle has some really fun options! 

+ Agenda
Agenda shopping is my absolute favorite thing on the planet. My planner is like my bible all year long, so I look everywhere to compare different kinds. I haven't quite decided which one I'll be using this year, but I'm kind of in the mood to try a new one! This Day Designer one is beautiful. 

+ Travel Mug
This year I'm going to start being more money savvy and using K-cups in the morning instead of constantly buying coffee from the library. I got in such a bad habit of buying a $5 cup almost every day, so popping a cup in the Keurig every morning will be a much smarter move. But, that means I need to find a good travel tumbler to bring my coffee in! I love's mugs (especially this one) and think I need one of these this year. Any ones you recommend?

Any back to school must-haves I'm missing?

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Internship Recap + 6 College Room Pieces to Invest In

**Note: I've been getting requests to do both a post talking about my summer internship as well as some pieces I think it's important to have for your space in college. I'm combining these two ideas into one giant post for you today! Hope you enjoy xox

I'm back today with another college interiors post for you guys! This summer, I have been interning at a furniture company here in Wisconsin called Steinhafels. It has been such a cool experience learning about merchandising, advertising and set styling at Wisconsin's largest furniture and mattress retailer! I have always been interested in the interiors side of retail, and this summer made me realize it's definitely a part of the industry I could see myself working in the future.

As an Apparel Merchandising major, I always assumed that post-graduation you would just get a job in the fashion category. What I didn't realize until this year is that there are so many different parts of retail (whether that's apparel, furniture or other goods) - you can do buying, product development, marketing, copywriting, store development, media... the list goes on and on. This summer, I really was able to see a ton of these different departments in action. I worked on set styling in the photo studio, wrote product copy for new merchandise, put together an outline for the next season's new trends and product lines, and wrote for the company's blog, just to name a few projects. I am really grateful to have been able to get a little taste of several areas this summer. Before the internship, I thought I would end up doing either buying or product development after college, but now I think it would be so fun to do a combination of several of these areas!

at my cubicle - my home away from home :)

I haven't talked about it a ton, but I also did shorter externships at Ross and American Eagle Outfitters this summer. Besides furniture (and shoes like at my internship last summer), these two externship experiences taught me about off-price retailing (Ross) as well as specialty retail (AEO). I can totally do a separate post talking about these if you guys are interested. Just let me know!

Now, let's get onto some pretty furniture and accessories, shall we?

As an incoming junior at Indiana University, I like to think I have a pretty good grasp on which essentials you need for college. After surviving the cinderblock dorms and then a crowded sorority house, I've found that it's important to invest in simple, quality pieces that will last your entire college career. Since my internship ends today, what better time to share a few pieces from Steinhafels with you! All of these pieces are pretty neutral and can match nearly any color palette you are working with. Not to mention, greys and whites add a luxurious feel to your college space!

Stash all of your jewelry, accessories and cosmetics in a pretty jewelry armoire like this one. Extra storage is always helpful in a small space, and a jewelry organizer is sometimes something people forget about! I love the classic silver finish on this one.

Something I've found is that a pouf doubles as décor and seating in your space. This one is neutral and will match everything! Whether you need a cute ottoman or a place for your friend to sit, this pretty pouf is perfect.

Don't you just want to cozy up in your bed with this furry white pillow?! A little touch of white fur adds a chic, put together look to your bed or sofa. I totally overpaid for the one I have - this one is so much more affordable.

A simple rug is a great investment in your space. I love how cozy and plush this one is - perfect for movie marathons or late night chats with your friends. And the darker color will help hide stains over time.

Nothing is better than snuggling up after a long day, and this chic faux fur throw is just what you need for the job. This one is big, cozy and the prettiest cream color.

I was always on the fence about buying a lamp for my room at school, but I honestly regretted not making the investment after seeing that almost every other girl had a cute one on her desk! A simple, neutral lamp will match your décor for a long time and I love this one.
Thank you so much to Steinhafels for such an awesome sophomore year internship experience! If you guys have any questions about internships (how to get them, tips for being an intern, etc.) totally feel free to email me - I'd love to help you out.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Senior Year Bedding with Annie Selke's Bed 101

At the end of last semester, my friends and I signed our lease for senior (!!!!) year. It may seem super early, but students typically do it about a year and a half in advance, especially when there were 8 of us that wanted to live together! We found the cutest little duplex right next to campus in the most adorable neighborhood. To say I'm excited to live there (and decorate it!) with 7 of my friends is an understatement.

Right after we signed the lease, I started putting together a Pinterest board with decorating ideas. I absolutely love shopping for interiors - from the bedding to the wall décor to accessories... it makes me so happy to piece it all together. I already have a theme in my head for my bedroom in the house and I can't even contain my excitement to start shopping for it. When Annie Selke coincidentally reached out to me to collaborate with them on their new Bed 101 collection right around this time, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to pick out bedding for the house!

I had a bunch of cute things in my dorm from them (read: these striped bins and this pink and white pillow), and I couldn't wait to see their new line.

Bed 101 is their new line that offers the Pine Cone Hill quality but at lower prices. If I was a little older and had a steady income, my entire house would be Pine Cone Hill because it's so beautiful and amazing quality. But since I'm still a college student, Bed 101 is the perfect solution! It's simple, stylish, easy to mix and match and perfect for college students like me, a first apartment or a first house. They have a bunch of different bundle options with pieces ranging from duvet covers to quilts to sheet sets... you can pick which one works best for you.

I chose the Load it On Set along with their pom pom throw, rose shimmer velvet pillow, laundered linen white decorative pillow and sheepskin throw in dark linen. These accessories are such pretty, simple basics that I can't wait to use for years to come, no matter the current interior trends.

Since I'm only going to be a junior and obviously can't show you all of these goodies in my new house yet, I set it up in my bedroom at home to give you the general idea! I love how chic it all looks - I can build off of it however I want to senior year but I can tell I won't get sick of it any time soon.

Here are all of the pieces broken down in case you want to shop what I chose:

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

What I Wear to My Internship

Hello! I'm literally the worst blogger ever. I've been working so hard on my math class every night but luckily the final is this Friday so I'll have time to dedicate to blogging after that! I have a bunch of posts planned out and look forward to having some time to work on them. 

Today's post is something I've been wanting to share for a while now. If you follow me on Instagram  (which you should be doing, obviously ;), then you probably see that I've been posting my internship outfits on my stories on most days. I've gotten a lot of questions about specific pieces so I thought a big post sharing my favorite outfits was in order! I've collected a lot of these pieces over the past few months so not all of them are available, but I searched high and low for very similar pieces to help you achieve the same look. I hope you enjoy!!

gray tee  (similar) / pink pants / white mule loafers / earrings  (similar)

distressed jean jacket / striped tassel dress  (similar) / sandals 

white top  (similar) / pink pants / sandals

distressed jean jacket / striped dress  (similar) / sandals 

striped jumpsuit  (similar) / jean jacket / sandals 

jean jacket / floral dress  (similar) / sandals

As you can see, my outfits are generally kind of casual for an office, but I try to look put together every day. Clearly the jean jacket + dress or flowy pants + fun top are my favorite combinations!

What do you wear to your internship or work?