Tuesday, October 6, 2020

A Week of WFH Outfits

 Happy Tuesday!

After doing a poll on my Instagram stories, I am so excited you guys wanted to see some work from home outfit inspo! I've really been trying my best to put on a full outfit every day to make me feel more productive for work. (I doubt this will last too long as the weather gets colder and I want to be cozier, but I'm sticking to it for now!) Since I'm on calls the majority of the day, I try to look put together on the top and then wear my comfier jeans/leather leggings on the bottom. I tested out wearing pj pants one day and I found that I was just not as motivated as when I wear real pants (anyone else?!). Needless to say, even though it requires a little more effort, I've surprisingly been loving getting ready (an outfit + a little bit of makeup) each morning. Any sense of normalcy in my daily routine makes me feel a little better!

As I'm sure you'll notice, I have been gravitating towards neutrals like black, white and gray for my tops because they are much more versatile. I've also been throwing on headbands some days and think it adds a fun touch (especially if you have dirty hair!). And if there's one product I cannot recommend enough, it is these Spanx leather leggings. Omg. I wear these so many times per week whether it be for work, running errands or just to lounge around! They look so great with everything. I bought them during the Nordstrom sale and am so glad I finally did.

jeans  (similar) 

button down tee  (similar)

sweatshirt  (similar)

sweater hoodie  (similar)

sweater  (old Aerie, similar)

What are your thoughts on dressing for WFH? 

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