Monday, September 21, 2020

Headbands: My New Work From Home Essential

 Now that I'm a few weeks into work from home (more on that later!), I have noticed one accessory I have been constantly gravitating towards: a headband! I used to be a huge headband girl in middle school (the best way to spruce up the school uniform, ofc), but I feel like they have recently made a major comeback. I think one of the main reasons they have been so popular lately is because working from home, people are much more natural (ie. not straightening their hair like they might for work at the office). I personally love that on video calls they add a fun touch to the little bit of your outfit that other people can see through the screen! All in all, I have been rotating through my headbands lately and wanted to share some that I'm particularly loving. 

I bought this one while studying abroad in Florence and have been obsessed with it since! 

Shop a few of my favorites below! As you can tell, I'm super into the ones that have a knot tied at the top - I think they make them more casual and fun.

Are you into the headband trend for fall too?

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