Thursday, April 24, 2014

5 Ways to Have a Better Day

Please tell me I'm not the only one suffering from a Thursday funk today. If you're in this same slump, here are a few ways to boost your mood and have a better day! 

1. Put fresh flowers next to your bed. Bring on the pink tulips!
2. Read a chapter in your favorite book. Whether it be a book or magazine, reading always helps.
3. Take a walk around the block. Get those electrolytes going and enjoy the fresh air. 
4. Make a fruit smoothie. Indulge in a cold smoothie to get some delicious nutrients in your body.
5. Put away your phone and go to bed early. Nothing is better than a refreshing night sleep, am I right?

Have a great rest of your day and Friday, bring it on!


  1. These are great ways to have a better day!

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  2. These are great suggestions Caroline! I always have fresh flowers around my house and try to get lots of fruits & veggies in my diet. Whenever I eat healthier I feel better :)


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