Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Fours

Haappy Friday friends! What a week it has been. Between catching a terrible cold and balancing my lacrosse schedule and the approaching end of the year workload, you can probably guess that it has been a pretty hectic past couple of days. But I'm so grateful for having such an amazing team and of course, readers! You guys seriously make my day when you comment or tweet me - thank you!

Ok, can we please talk about these shoes? I'm obsessed. Gap's new arrivals are absolutely killing it and I can't wait to stop in again to pick up a few things for spring and summer. Not to mention, they are having some incredible sales. Definitely check out their website or visit your local store, I promise you won't regret it!

I've been sticking to my cleanse and eating tons of fruits and veggies this week. You know what has been my absolute favorite fruit as of late? Pineapple! They are so delicious and juicy, and of course super yummy when thrown in a smoothie because they add a bit more sweetness. Try popping a few chunks in a smoothie and taste it for yourself ;)

Like I mentioned in this post, I'm really trying to take advantage of the lake I live by because I will only be so close to it for a few more years! Last week my mom and I took a nice long walk around it and really enjoyed the fresh air. This weekend I'm definitely going to try to get down there again, whether it be a walk, jog or drive. 

Lastly, a little late but I hope you all had fabulous Easters! Mine was pretty laid back and consisted of a lot of studying, but the weather was amazing so I made sure to get outside. Did you do anything fun?

TGIF! Any fun plans on the horizon? Do share!


  1. I love those espadrilles from Gap! They are so cute!

    Prep on a Budget

  2. I've been eating so much pineapple this week, so yummy!


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