Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fall Playlist

While I'm hard at work at my desk every night, few things can really brighten my mood. What's one thing that can liven my spirits? My Spotify starred playlist of course! I swear Spotify is the best thing ever invented, music wise of course. A little tune to make me whistle while I work keeps me in the homework mood longer and really helps me focus. Here are 4 songs I've really been loving lately and that I think are just right for fall: 

I'm kind of a pop music junkie #obvi 
What music are you loving lately?


  1. Really nice idea for a blog post, will definitely have to check out some of these songs! :)

  2. Inspirational songs like Roar, by Katy Perry are always great, I'm really loving the upbeat but soft songs as well(: But I'm not geting too comfortable, Christmas is right around the corner...then I'll whip out Mistletoe haha

  3. Ahhhh,I love the song Royals! I'm obssessed with it-she has such a great voice.


  4. Such great songs! I love Royals! Try Pompeii, by Bastille (:


    Ponies In Pearls

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