Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Fours

After a stressful week of PSAT testing (ugh) and first quarter grades closing, I am so thrilled it is finally the end of the school week. I can catch up on missed sleep and dedicate more time to blogging! Here's what I've been up to this week: 

:: one ::
My bestie (who turned 16 Tuesday, s/o to you missy!) let me borrow her fancy camera and I've been taking pictures nonstop. The quality is ah-mazing and it makes me want to invest in one even more than I wanted to before! Expect some more outfit posts soon ;) 

:: two ::

After a month of not seeing each other (seriously it was getting bad) I met up for brunch with E and Fran for brunch so we could exchange much belated birthday gifts and chat. It was a blast and oh so delicious! 

:: three ::

I have been sleep sleep sleeping as much as my schedule with allow lately. Even though I've had several early before school meetings this week, I have been trying to head to bed earlier. Side note: is anyone else so annoyed that the sun is starting to rise later and later? I keep thinking it is still the middle of the night and can go back to bed! This will definitely take some getting used to, sigh

:: four ::
As you probably saw in this post, I went apple and pumpkin picking last weekend. Fall is one of the best seasons and it's a must to enjoy every minute of it because with school and sports, it just flies by! The cold weather is something that really excites me (helloooo cable knits and riding boots) and I'm ready to start trying some new recipes! Let me know if this is something you would want to see! 

I hope you all had lovely weeks and a fun weekend ahead of you! 
If you need to catch up on sleep, read this post for tips!
P.S. I'm really loving this whole Friday reflection thing. Tell me, are you liking it? All thoughts are welcome! 


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  2. That brunch looks fantastic!

  3. I love your Friday Four posts! You always have such interesting things to talk about!


  4. Okay, I have sometime to say for seriously every. single. picture. That dress with that vest (OMG), you've hit the jackpot with blue and pink all over again! And those jammies mixed with that breakfast makes me feel like it's Saturday morning again (a good thing!). And I'm loving this fall weather-those apples only make me more giddy! Great post!

    XO Majda |


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