Monday, October 21, 2013

Getting Started

What do you know, the dreaded Monday has quickly come around and since I've been feeling a bit uninspired recently, I thought it was the perfect day for a little Monday Motivation! 

Lately, I've just been feeling a bit too lazy. I make all these to do lists in my head of what I want to accomplish for the day, but find myself only completing the necessary half by the time I'm falling asleep at night. For example, I've been wanting to get back into my daily exercise routine and hit the gym as many days a week as my schedule will allow. Even when I have the time, do I go? Nope. Reruns of Shark Tank are on and lounging around watching them seems much more important at the time. In addition, without a sport, I've been really wanting to get ahead on my homework so I don't run into any of those "dear god I'll be up all night doing this" evenings. After I finish all of my homework for the next day or so instead of cracking open the syllabi I take a shower and go to bed. 

After evaluating myself a bit (writing this post has definitely helped!) I've finally decided "Enough's enough!" I am going to stick to my original intentions and get stuff done! This quote is definitely going to be the mantra I'll be repeating in my head for the next couple weeks: 
A little Monday Motivation is necessary every so often, don't you think? 
I hope you are able to apply this to your own life and start getting started today!


  1. Great motivational quote! This is definitely what I needed :)


  2. Awesome quote for the start of the week! Mondays are a great way to start fresh.

  3. That's exactly what I needed to hear for this week. Thank you!


  4. Well this has been story of my life for the past 2 months and currently right now. Instead of doing what i am supposed to be doing I am reading blogs and watching TVD or GG.


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