Thursday, September 19, 2013

Amy Stone Photography

After starting citrus & style, photography has become an enormous part of my life. It's been so delightful snapping photos with friends, while out to lunch or even of the landscapes surrounding me. Photography is crucial for all aspects of blogging including my Instagram account and for my site, just to name a few. So when I am looking for inspiration (usually on Pinterest #typical) and find something I am really taken with, it definitely influences my picture taking style if you will. 

That's how I was when I discovered Amy Stone, the rather chic bestie of Mackenzie who lives in the Big Apple and is one of the social media and digital masterminds behind the Gap. Her snapshots are spot on. She is so incredibly talented and takes simplicity to a whole new fabulous level. Take a look at some of my favorites of hers above. 

Who else is smitten with Amy?
P.S. I am looking for camera recommendations! Please leave any and all advice in the comments below! 


  1. What great photos, I'll have to check her out. But those pictures of ice cream and that water are making me miss summer!

  2. I love it- really vivid and colorful :)

  3. That photography is absolutely stunning! Love it! I have the Canon EOS Rebel T3i and I absolutely love it! But it is a bit pricey. Canon makes really nice digital cameras as well though!


  4. I love amy stone! she's so cool and amazing at photography!
    I use a nikon d5000 and I love it! buut the camera really isn't the thing that makes pictures good it's the lenses! I would buy just an ok camera and then splurge on good lenses!

  5. I took photo but I quickly realized I was no good. I am always jealous of people with that talent!


  6. Wow great post! I completely agree that photo's are a huge part of blog success too.



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