Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Swanky School Supplies

I have been meaning to do this post forever now, and now that I finally feel organized for my sophomore year, I felt it was time to share all my school supplies with you! Enjoy!

1: This Lilly Pulitzer Pencil Case is simply fabulous. It fits so many pens and pencils, and for only $10? I really recommend it!

2: Here are a few of my favorite pens and pencils. My absolute favorite blue pen, Lilly pen, Mechanical Pencil, and green Le Pen

3: Call Me Post-its (a la J.Crew) are my fave but I love using plain ones from Target too. 

4: Although I don't use it much, having a back up flash drive is essential. Plus, this orange one was too cute to pass up!

5: I first purchased an accordion folder to use for all of my papers but realized 2 weeks in that a binder would be better. I made sure to pop a Lilly Pulitzer background into the clear sleeve for a little POC ;) 

6: My calculator is ug-lay and it only came in black, so what better thing to do than monogram it? TI89s are a hot commodity at my school so the monogram decal guarantees no one will steal it!

7: I use a Mead 3 subject notebook for my Geometry class, one subject for each semester. It is heavy duty and will last you all year long.

8: Lastly, I am obsessed with my new notebooks from Preppy Prodigy. They are so fabulous and durable, plus they are adorned with my initials, oh but of course! I have the light blue one and the light pink one and strongly recommend them. Not to mention, for every notebook you buy one is donated to a foster child. What a great cause! Thanks Preppy Prodigy!

For my backpack I used the Eddie Bauer Adventurer last year and this year and have had no complaints. It is so big that it fits most of my supplies so I rarely go to my locker! 

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. Something about school supplies just gets me giddy with excitement! 
Leave any questions or comments you have below!


  1. I love the Lilly pencil pouch and the cute monogram you have on the back of your calculator! What a great idea :)


  2. I have the same pencil pouch, and I love it too! I was surprise how big it was when I received it!

  3. I always need post it notes, they help keep me organized. I always make little to-do lists on them.

  4. Omg, that is ADORABLE!! I should share mine:)


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