Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Fours

Wahoooo it's Friday!! Thank goodness this week has finally come to an end. That mean's it's time for my new Friday Fours!

:: one ::
Yay it's finally scarf season! Even though Thursday was an oddly humid day, overall the temperature has dropped, and I could not be happier. Wearing warm scarves with fall colors definitely get you in the fall fashion state of mind!

:: two ::
 I feel like all I ever do these days is homework and studying. The work load has been much lighter this year, yet I always find myself slaving away at my desk for hours, especially during the weekend. One of my goals for this year will definitely be to find a better homework-social-blogging balance! P.S. I'm obsessed with my new Ikea Magazine files that were only $4 for 2! Everyone needs some, no explanation necessary.

:: three ::
Ok you are all probably getting super sick of hearing about my new booties, but I can't stop talking about them! I ended up getting them 50% off so they were only $18.... Like amazing right?! These boots are super in this fall and I can't wait to style mine this weekend! (ehem outfit post coming soon)

:: four ::
Brunching with family and friends is so much fun, especially when you have a yummy and fresh place to go to. First Watch is just that-- and it's located throughout the country! My favorite is the Floridian French Toast, a wheat germ french toast topped with fruit, powdered sugar and blueberry syrup. Talk about deliciousness! 

Let me know if you guys like this new series and want to see more. 
I hope you all had a lovely week and have an even better weekend ahead of you!
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  1. Oh my gosh that breakfast looks so good :)


  2. It's good you have a lighter work load this year! What I do to balance homework and blogging life is blog in all the classes I don't do anything (like right now) hahaha.

  3. Love those booties, I have a very similar pair that I wear all winter long, they're super comfortable and go with so many things.


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