Friday, August 2, 2013

4 Hairstyles for Summer

Hi ladies!

Unfortunately, I have not been blessed with the "good at doing hair" gene. I can barely complete a normal braid, much less take on a french or even a fishtail one. I've tried and tried complicated do's like the donut bun and sock bun (fail!) and just get frustrated. So, like with my "makeup routine", I have decided to cut it down to the basics. Especially for summer!

1 :: The Classic Braid
For those days when you don't feel like trying, I opt for the classic braid. Super simple and great when you need your frizzy hair out of your face!

2 :: The Fishtail 

Ok, I only fishtail (I repeat only) when E does it for me. I am so spoiled but she does it so perfectly!

3 :: The Messy Bun

It really depends on my skill that day, but typically I can attempt a messy bun. Hey, the messier the better, right? ;)

 4 :: Messy Hair Don't Care

Annnnd last but certainly not least... my day-to-day look. My favorite thing to do is take a shower, let my hair dry for a few minutes and then blow dry my hair about 90% of the way. It makes my hair fluffy and still keeps it decent the next day. 

{All images via Pinterest}

What are your go-to hairdo looks for summer?
Please help a girl out... I need some new ideas here! #strugglebus


  1. Caroline, I am in the same exact boat girl! I can't do anything to my's all just too difficult! Haha I opt for wearing mine down almost everyday, or I'll put it into a braid or a ponytail. I'm glad I am not the only one with this struggle!


  2. Thanks for all the good things you're saying about my fishtails!! Haha I'm loving the struggle bus hashtag ;)


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