Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pinterest vs. Tumblr

Happy first day of August sweet readers!

I feel like both Pinterest and Tumblr are really popular right now. Collecting pretty images online is addicting, and I can definitely speak from experience!! I have both a Pinterest and a Tumblr, and have to say I really enjoy Pinterest more... There is just a rush of adrenaline after pinning something beautiful that I don't get while on Tumblr! Additionally, I prefer the layout on Pinterest as it is much easier to navigate around and see more pictures at a time. Tumblr takes a lot more time to scroll down since you can only see one picture at once, and it is a large image of it!

Now tell me... Pinterest vs. Tumblr. What's your fave?


  1. I have never used Tumblr, but I love Pinterest! I like all the inspiration you can pull from it!


  2. I absolutely agree with you! I enjoy pinterest more than tumblr, simply because I feel it is more organized.

  3. I used to have tumblr. Honestly, I found the website to be a little upsetting with all of the hateful posts and such. Pinterest is just a happy place!

    1. Bailey, I totally agree! Tumblr has so many depressing things and you never see that on Pinterest.

  4. I use both Tumblr & Pinterest, but I'm able to represent myself better on Pinterest than Tumblr.

    -Zobia from The Eternity Journal

  5. Hahaha "adrenaline rush" ;) Personally I prefer tumblr better just because of the content, but I like the format of Pinterest much better!


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