Wednesday, January 22, 2020

My Favorite Products of 2019

Happy 2020!! This post is a little late, but better now than never :) I always love the start of a new year, much less a whole new decade! One of my favorite parts of ending the year is looking back and reflecting on what I did, where I went and the fun things I acquired. After thinking back on 2019, I realized there were a ton of different products I used and loved, so I thought it would be a fun post to create to share.

I keep my little jar of this next to my bed and put it on absolutely religiously every morning and night. It seems pricey for a lip product but it lasted me almost an entire year! It's worth every penny in my opinion. 

This was a recent purchase but I have to say, I am reeeally loving Lidstar. I have the "Slip" color and it adds a subtle but pretty little glittery touch to your makeup. I don't use this every day but for going out or dinner with friends, I always make sure to put a little on!  

I literally hunted a pair of these down for weeks last winter and wore them every single day I was abroad. I swear every girl and her mother has a pair but I honestly understand why - they're the perfect every day sneaker and look great with everything. 

I used to really not care about what I wore to the gym - I would throw on a sorority tee and shorts and call it a day. But now for some reason I feel like I have a much better workout if I'm wearing a really legit outfit (just me?!). I've been loving my short and long sleeve Lululemon tees and would wear them for every workout if I could! I think getting them in basic colors (I have gray and black) is a smart investment so you can wear them with pretty much anything. 

+ Silver Birkenstocks
Ok I swore I would never get a pair of Birkenstocks, but after trying on a pair of these more rubbery ones I totally understand the hype. They are so nice to have to throw on and run errands or after a workout or something. Plus they're less expensive than normal ones which is an added bonus!

+ Mini hoop earrings
I used to solely wear my pearl studs every day, but after watching Maggie MacDonald wear these little hoops, I knew they would be a fun alternative! I bought them in January of this year and still wear them every single day. 

My roommates and I are absolutely obsessed with Yasso bars!! We have at least 2 boxes in the freezer at all times and are always trying new flavors. I'm not typically one to count calories but they're under 100 calories and taste just like ice cream! Highly recommend the seasonal Peppermint one if you're able to find it (they're only at select grocery stores but we found them at Target!). 

+ Everything but the bagel seasoning
I should honestly be a brand ambassador for EBTBS (or Trader Joe's in general). I think I went through 3 bottles of it just this summer alone (oops). My favorite thing ever is avocado toast with a fried egg and then topping it with this seasoning! I'm pretty sure I ate this for breakfast at least 1/3 of my mornings throughout 2019. 

+ Starbucks Blonde vanilla latte
I still am not at the point where I can drink straight black coffee, so I've become a huge latte girl this year. The Blonde vanilla latte at Starbucks has become my favorite and then I'll customize it to my liking that day (ex. adding a pump of pumpkin in fall or peppermint around the holidays!). It's also amazing with a little bit of cinnamon too! 

+ MZ Wallace Metro backpack
This was one of my bigger purchases of 2019 because I literally couldn't stop thinking about it for months, but finally bit the bullet near the end of my internship last summer. I would never typically spend this much money on a backpack, but I knew I would use it for years to come while traveling or even for work. I could not love this backpack (or the brand!) more and highly recommend making the investment! I got it in black so it would be super versatile but the camo and gray are gorgeous too.

After my friends made fun of me all semester long for being the only one without a reusable water bottle, I snagged this one in white and omg has it changed my life. I feel like its a less expensive version of the hydroflask with a similar look, right?! Clearly my roomies know me pretty well :)

Would you consider any of these your favorite products of the past year too?

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