Monday, January 20, 2020

How I've Perfected My Morning Routine

With only one (!!!) semester left of college, I've decided that it's time to really develop a morning routine that gets me excited to wake up each day. I'll never have as much time to myself in the mornings as I do this semester, so I'm determined to make the most of it before I start my full time job in fall! 
I watch so many youtube videos about morning and night routines - for some reason, something about them really intrigues me. I think it's so fascinating to see how successful, productive people start and end their day. After doing lots of research, I've come up with a few new things to implement into my own morning at school: 

+ Wake up an hour before you need to 
This is something I started last semester on my busy class days (Tuesdays/Thursdays) and I've continued it this new semester as well. There's something so nice about having an entire hour to dedicate to yourself: from making coffee to watching youtube or listening to a podcast, I absolutely love my little time in the morning to refresh my mind. The key is to jump out of bed a few minutes after your alarm goes off so that you don't fall back asleep! 

+ Look forward to your breakfast
I've been making smoothies every morning and I seriously look forward to it every night when I'm going to sleep. If you have more time, avocado toast and an egg is so yummy too! Making something quick and healthy is the perfect way to wake your body up for the day. 

+ Read or listen to something motivational
This year, I've really been making an effort to listen to more podcasts because they are so much more beneficial for my mindset than music is (at least in my opinion). If I'm cleaning my room or walking across campus, I love listening to Gals on the Go, Happy Hour or Retail Gets Real. I'll also go on Pinterest for a few minutes and look at quotes or other sorts of inspiration for the day. 

+ Catch up on the news 
Something I really need to get better about is staying up to date on current events. Being at school, I feel like I'm trapped in such a bubble that is so distant from the outside world (just me??). We don't have cable at our house so I never watch the news and just feel very out of touch with things going on in the rest of the world. I've decided that the morning would be the best time to read a few articles whether it be about politics, pop culture or even things pertaining to the retail industry. 

Are you as obsessed with your daily routines as I am? 

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