Monday, August 20, 2018

Sunday Night Rituals

Summer Sunday nights have come to be one of my favorite things during the week. There's something about spending some time outside, having a healthy dinner, being productive and getting to bed a little earlier that just sets you up for such a great week. There are certain little ~rituals~ I like to do every Sunday and after seeing similar blog posts and Youtube videos, I thought it would be fun to share my own! This was my first Sunday night back at school and I'm excited to get into my little night routine again. 
+ face mask
I never remember to do a face mask but lately it has become a Sunday night tradition! Over the summer my mom and I had been testing out a ton of different ones and loved doing them together on Sunday nights. It's such a nice little treat for your face and inexpensive indulgence!

+ long shower
I always feel rushed when I shower throughout the week as it's usually in the morning before work during the summer or right before dinner at school. Sundays are the perfect day to spend a little more time pampering yourself. I love blasting some music and taking a warm shower on Sunday nights for a little extra TLC.

+ tidy up
Whether it's a pile of workout clothes on the floor or makeup products scattered across my bathroom counter, I love putting things away and wiping everything down with a little Windex. Waking up on Monday morning is so much better with a clean space!

+ to-do list
I usually have a ton of things I need to do going through my head during the weekend, so it really helps to organize my thoughts by writing a big to-do list for the week. Maybe it's just me, but writing out everything makes me want to be more productive and check them all off the list!

+ laundry
This is probably obvious for some people, but even if I have a few things I need to wash for the week (ie. socks, etc.), I really try to get that done on Sundays. It's so refreshing going into the week with everything clean and put away.

Do you have any Sunday night rituals you've found yourself doing?


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