Wednesday, August 15, 2018

My Back to School Must-Haves

I can't believe I'm halfway done with college... it's so crazy to think that I'll be completely finished with school in just two short years. AH! But junior year is going to be crazy busy and packed with a lot of fun things so I'm really eager to head back to Bloomington in 2 days! Back to school shopping has been one of my absolute favorite things for as long as I can remember. Getting our "school supply" lists from our teachers and heading to Target for new binders, notebooks and pens was always the highlight of my summer (pretty sad, I know). These days back to school shopping consists more of clothes and various essentials rather than supplies, but the excitement is still the same! I made a list of new pieces to stock up on for the new school year and I thought I would share them with you guys.
+ A New Pair of Sneakers
I wear a pair of fun sneakers every single day to class, so I've been searching high and low for a new pair to invest in for this semester. The winner was this pair of olive I-5923s and I can't wait to wear them with shorts, leggings and jeans! They are so light that you feel like you are barely wearing anything on your feet - perfect for walking around a big campus like mine. I found them for a great price on Amazon and couldn't say no.

+ Basic Tees
My school "uniform" is a pair of leggings, jean jacket, sneakers and a basic tee, so buying a few more tees to add to my collection is a must. American Eagle's Soft and Sexy tees are my favorite, so I'm thinking of buying one in almost every color!

+ Sleek Backpack
Last year I used the Madeline & Company gray faux leather slim and could not even tell you how much I loved it. I was planning to use it again but Madeline recently reached out to me and showed me their new slims that can be monogrammed, so you know I'll be snagging one of those and using it this semester!

+ Distressed Jeans
I'm not sure why, but I can never seem to find a good pair of distressed jeans. I'm so picky about where the rips are, so it makes finding a pair kind of difficult. But investing in a new pair of jeans or two is perfect if the students at your school dress pretty casually like mine. American Eagle has some really fun options! 

+ Agenda
Agenda shopping is my absolute favorite thing on the planet. My planner is like my bible all year long, so I look everywhere to compare different kinds. I haven't quite decided which one I'll be using this year, but I'm kind of in the mood to try a new one! This Day Designer one is beautiful. 

+ Travel Mug
This year I'm going to start being more money savvy and using K-cups in the morning instead of constantly buying coffee from the library. I got in such a bad habit of buying a $5 cup almost every day, so popping a cup in the Keurig every morning will be a much smarter move. But, that means I need to find a good travel tumbler to bring my coffee in! I love's mugs (especially this one) and think I need one of these this year. Any ones you recommend?

Any back to school must-haves I'm missing?

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