Monday, October 30, 2017

Outfit: Oversized Monogrammed Sweater

Happy Monday everyone! I'm excited to have another outfit post for you this week. It's so difficult to find both a photographer and time to shoot outfits when I'm at school, so I'm glad I had the opportunity to get some fresh content for you! Now let's get to the outfit, shall we?

 I'm so into this oversized, cozy look lately when it comes to sweaters. This one from Marley Lilly feels as comfortable as a sweatshirt, but it's so much more stylish and can be worn with so many different things. I've worn it to class with leggings and then on weekends with jeans when I want to look a little cuter. I shot this look with Mandy when she was in town two weeks ago and it's crazy how much colder it has gotten since that Friday - I was warm in this that weekend, and now I need a coat on top because it has been in the 40s! 

I hope you had a relaxing and fun weekend - how nuts is it that it's practically November?!


  1. I love the shoes. I've been looking for a vegan pair like them. Do you know of any vegan slip ons like these?

  2. Love the look! Been thinking about snagging a pair of slip on sneakers to sport with my jeans and you may have just sealed the deal!



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