Friday, October 27, 2017

Friday Fours

Another busy/stressful/productive week in the books! I had a mini panic attack Tuesday because my computer died and wouldn't charge for two days (even after trying 3 different chargers and outlets). After some research and pressing a few buttons, I somehow figured it out without having to trek to the computer store (a minor miracle). On another note, I can already tell I'm starting to get sick, so I can't wait to take it easy this weekend and work ahead on some homework (#nerdalert). Anyway, here's a peek into my past week!

Barn dance last Friday night was such a blast! My friends and I all brought dates that are good friends so we all had a really fun time getting to know each other and dressing up in country themed outfits. The venue was absolutely gorgeous with tons of twinkly lights and a banner perfect for pictures. The lighting sadly wasn't working in my favor, so here's a picture of some of my friends and I before we went to the venue :)
Did you catch  my outfit I posted on Monday? I'm in love with  this necklace and highly recommend it if you're looking for one with tassels. I had been looking for one similar to this for so long and I couldn't believe my luck when I finally found one in such a great variety of colors. 

Our Retail Studies Organization hosted our huge Fall Retail & Design Forum on Tuesday night and it honestly made me so inspired for a career in the fashion industry. The highlight was definitely hearing the founder (an IU alum!) of College Fashionista talk about her experience growing her blog into what it is today. 

Campus has been absolutely beautiful lately. I definitely think it's the prettiest during fall with all of the leaves and pretty mums (in c&s colors of course). The weather was perfect until this week when it randomly dropped to 35 degrees - can we go back to 55 degrees and sunny please?! 

My favorite finds from this week:

I hope you have a great weekend!
My friends and I are planning to get dressed up and go to a cute dinner tonight, and then pretty much lounge around the rest of the weekend to prepare for the busy week ahead.
What are you up to?


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