Wednesday, October 11, 2017

4 Workout Ideas (That Don't Include the Gym!)

Lately, I've really made a stronger effort to get in some sort of exercise at least 5 times a week. This isn't always possible due to midterm season and a lot of responsibilities for my sorority and the clubs I'm involved in, but I've really been trying to schedule a workout in most days like I would for a meeting or class. Last week, I made it to the gym nearly every day for an hour, doing lots of cardio and strength (legs, arms and abs). However, I had a good amount of free time on my hands so it wasn't hard to fit in! Even though I like going to the gym, the changing leaves are so colorful that I've been trying to spend as much time outside as possible. This season is so short that I want to take advantage of our beautiful campus! So, I did a little brainstorming and came up with 4 workout ideas that don't include the gym but will still get that daily exercise in. 

+ Call a Friend While You Take a Walk
Ever since coming to college, I have become a huge fan of phone calls to catch up with family and friends. When I'm on the go walking from building to building, I'll often call my mom or a friend from home to make the walk a lot more enjoyable. If I'm in the mood for a walk but don't want to hit the gym, I'll sometimes go outside for a little extra cardio in my day. You'll be totally into the conversation that you'll forget you're even getting exercise! There are a good amount of hills on IU's campus, so this also provides some good incline intervals too!

+ Play Tennis
Even if you're not really good at it, playing tennis is such a fun way to get some extra steps in. I played in high school and haven't really since then, so I'm extra anxious to get back on the court. My friends and I were dying to play on the courts near our dorm building last year but we never got around to it, so it makes me want to go play one day even more. If you don't have a racquet with you at school, you can most likely rent one out at your rec center or gym. 

+ Go for a hike
There are a bunch of beautiful places for hikes around Bloomington (Griffy Lake is a big one many people love!) and my friends and I finally took advantage of it a few weekends ago. Fall is the perfect time to go explore some trails because of the beautiful foliage and breezy weather, so check out the available hiking areas near where you live! 

+ Walk to Brunch or to Get a Smoothie
My sorority house is really centrally located so we're lucky to be close to Kirkwood Avenue (where all of the restaurants and shops are in Bloomington). We're fortunate to be able to easily walk to dinner on the weekends or to get a smoothie during the week - yummy food is awesome motivation to get in a few steps during the week! Even if you don't live super close to a ton of places to eat or shop, try to venture out and explore because you'll have fun while getting exercise. 

Do you have any other ideas to add to the list?


  1. I absolutely love playing tennis and going on hikes! They're such a fun and easy way to get in a lot of exercise!

    XO Alyson | My Life as Alyson

  2. I love going on walks while talking on the phone. It's nice to have beautiful scenery while talking to your friends.

  3. Love this! Clemson is pretty hilly too so I typically will call home or a friend while walking back from my last class of day or when I have a farther walk to get back to my dorm!


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