Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday Fours

We (finally!) survived the week! These past couple days have been absolutely packed with classes, meetings and long nights of homework, but I'm really happy to be back at school. Here's a peek into my past week: 

It's been so fun being back with my friends after 3 months of being home! I was so excited to see my bff/roomie from last year (even though she just visited me in July :) - we grabbed dinner with my mom the night of move in and it was great to catch up. 

Classes started Monday and I'm not going to lie... I've been pretty stressed. Now that we're sophomores, professors don't give us much time to adjust to new workloads and expect a lot more right away. I love my classes, though, and can't wait to learn more about things that I'll need to know in the future!

I was nervous to ditch my trusty North Face and start using a new backpack, but omg I am so in love with  my new Madeline & Company backpack. The slim version is so sleek and stylish - I keep getting so many compliments! 

The weather down here in Bloomington is insanely humid right now... definitely not something I've grown up with in Wisconsin! I've been trying to dress a little cuter for class the first week, but honestly in this heat, a pair of Nike shorts and a tee are way more practical. 

I'm excited for the first real weekend of sophomore year to begin (after my one Friday class tomorrow of course). Enjoy this sunny weather!!


  1. I love your friend's dress. Where is it from?

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