Monday, August 28, 2017

3 Accessories for Fall with Charming Charlie

Even though I don't think it will be cooling down in Bloomington any time soon, I can't help but start doing a little shopping for fall. Every year when I get tired of the heat, I get really inspired to start transitioning my wardrobe. I stopped in Charming Charlie the week before I left for school and I found such cute, trendy things for amazing prices that I had to share them with you! Lately I've been noticing three big trends when it comes to accessories, and I think all three are perfect for this time of year. The first is this fun mini backpack in the prettiest cognac color. I've been seeing these all over - they totally work no matter what your style is. It's only $29 and comes with the navy fluffy pom so basically it's a major win. The second is this pair of pink ball earrings that I've also been eyeing up for months now. Charming Charlie has them in a variety of colors and patterns that it was nearly impossible to choose my favorite pair! And then third, this wrap choker is a little more trendy than I'm used to, but I think it adds such an unexpected element to an otherwise simple outfit. I love that you can tie it in different ways! I can't find the exact same one online as the one I bought in the store, but this one is really similar and literally on sale for $7.

If you're wanting to stock up on some goodies before school or just for fall in general, I highly recommend checking out what they have right now!
Are you loving these trends as much as me?
Thank you to Charming Charlie for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own. 

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