Monday, June 26, 2017

What's In My Work Bag

Over winter break, I was in Chicago and stumbled upon this beautiful Tory Burch bag at the store downtown. I had never needed a bag like it before, but I knew I should have something like it for a potential internship or job that I could have in the summer. It was on mega sale and there was only one left, but we were in a rush so I left without it. A few days later, I couldn't stop thinking about it so I called the store to see if they still had it. It turned out that they still had it and it was on additional sale! I used some money I had saved up as well as some I received from Christmas and bought it right over the phone. It was my first grown up bag I ever bought and made me so excited for my future as a young professional! For my internship this summer, I bring it with me every day and know I'll use it for so many years to come. It's great quality, the prettiest color leather and holds a ton of stuff in its several compartments. Since I love seeing what other people keep in their bags, so I thought I would share mine with you! 

A lot of these things are self-explanatory (ie. gum and lotion) so I didn't talk about them, but read about everything else below! 
+  Planner
In case we have work events to write down or a blog idea comes to mind, I bring my planner with me every day. 

+ Car Keys

Staying hydrated during the day is a must so I bought this adorable Kate Spade lemon tumbler to bring with me! 

My lips just can't seem to stay moisturized this summer, so I keep my favorite lip balm and matte lip butter with me to apply throughout the day.

I like to keep $10, two hair ties and a little lip balm in here to grab if I need to run to Starbucks or a quick errand and don't want to take my whole bag. 

To listen to music, live stream the news or enjoy a few podcasts, I've been using my new bluetooth ear buds that are honestly the cutest thing. They come in a handy little leather pouch so I never lose them, and they last all day because they have an 8+ hour battery life! My apple ear buds broke a while ago so I switched to these, and I like them so much better. If you want your own pair, use the code "CITRUSANDSTYLE" for 15% off!

+ Gum

I eat a Belvita every day for breakfast, so I always keep a spare one in my bag in case I forget to pack one in the morning. They're only 230 calories and keep me full and energized from when I wake up until lunch at 11:45. 

And that's it! There's plenty of room to fit my laptop or file folders in it too which I love. This bag was such an investment but I'm so happy I can use it for so many years to come. I've linked some other work friendly bags below in case you're wanting to take the plunge and buy one too! I suggest waiting for a big sale like I did because if you're a college student like me, it doesn't make sense to drop $500 on a bag! 

What do you keep in your work bag?

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  1. I love these types of posts! I saw that bag at the Tory Burch outlet the other day, it's so cute!

    Ashley //


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