Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Fours

I apologize for being so all over the place with my posts lately! I've been crazy busy with my classes and Delta Gamma stuff, and then on top of it all I found out I have strep throat... are there any sicknesses left that I haven't had in the past 2 months? Anyway, here's a peek into my past week:

Being in DG has been an absolute blast so far. I've met so many awesome girls (both in my pledge class and older than me) and have been able to get involved in really fun activities. We have a retreat this weekend and then next weekend is Mom's Weekend (and my 19th birthday!). I could not be more excited to have my mom come down to Bloomington, and it was such a funny coincidence that it was literally on my birthday too! 

Compared to last semester, my classes are so much more me and I could not be happier. Rather than taking courses like Finite math, I'm now in Study of Art and Design, Textile Science, Sociology, Accounting and an English class. I've always been much more of a humanities person, and my classes this semester are definitely in that category. 

My friends and I went to the mall a few days ago to find a dress for my date party and we couldn't help but stop at the cutest pet store. How freaking adorable is this golden retriever puppy?! Another one of the dogs bit a hole through my Lululemon leggings but honestly all the cuteness was worth it. 

I could not be more excited to be going to LA (again, oops) this spring break to visit Sammy! This time I'm going with my mom and I'm so thrilled she and Sammy's mom can finally meet. We're staying in Santa Monica so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! 

Let's hope I can finally kick these sicknesses once and for all :)
Have a great weekend everyone!

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