Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday Fours

Happy Friday! It's crazy how fast these weeks fly by here... I swear it was just Halloween weekend! I'm so excited for a (slightly) less busy weekend so that I can finally sleep in and get some blogging done. I have a fun partnership coming up on Instagram this week that I need to get working on - stay tuned!

The weather has been absolutely beautiful lately and last Saturday it was 80 degrees at the football game against Maryland. We've been having a ton of fun tailgating with friends and family that is in town and then stopping by our friends' frat tents. Even though we love how warm it is, it's sad we can't get wear out of our new striped rugby shirts. 

Buuut luckily basketball season has finally commenced and we'll be able to break out the rugbys for real! Football season was a blast but IU is known for basketball, so I am really excited to get the full experience and go to every game possible. 

When I went home for fall break at the end of September, all of the leaves were already changing in Wisconsin. It took until a week or two ago for the leaves to finally turn here in Bloomington but it was well worth the wait. Now I know why everyone raves about how beautiful it is here in the fall!

This weekend I can't wait to finally get waffles and ice cream across campus at a secret spot that's open until 3 am, go to another basketball game and hopefully get lots of sleep. I'm getting over a bad virus that ended up forcing me to go to the health center, so some extra zzz's will be much needed!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Love seeing theses posts! I hope you have a fun and restful weekend!

    Ashley //

  2. Looks like you're having such a fun time at college- I always love your Friday Fours posts and "catching up" with you!


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