Wednesday, August 31, 2016

My Dorm: Closet Organization

I've been waiting for so long to be able to decorate my own little dorm at school and now that I've finally been able to, I'm so excited to share it with you! So, today I'm starting a new series called "My Dorm" where I'll share how I put together specific parts of my room (and I'll have a full dorm tour at one point as well, obviously :). First up: my closet organization!

Surprisingly, my closet was one of the first things that really came together well in our room. It was the part I was stressing about the most because I didn't know what it would look like until I arrived on move in day. Luckily, there is a Bed Bath and Beyond 5 minutes away so I was able to stock up on more storage drawers at the last minute. My roomie and I are really lucky to have so much storage (our closet is basically one entire wall of our room) both in the closet itself and then above it in compartments as well.

For shoes, I highly recommend some sort of shoe rack or, in my case, a giant bin to toss all my shoes in. I love this large Scout bin for storing all my shoes because a) it was so easy to throw everything in and pack it all in the car and b) it makes my shoes look a lot neater in the actual closet itself. Not to mention, they have so many color options to match your room color scheme! How cute is my blue and white striped one?! They also have a smaller size if your closet isn't as wide.

Since we don't have a dresser, I bought 5 giant plastic drawers from Bed Bath and Beyond and stacked them in one side of my closet. (For some reason I can't find them online, but they will most likely still have them in stores for a long time!) I brought a ton of tees and nike shorts (my new uniform #socollege) that obviously can't be hung up, so I didn't really mind losing the additional clothing rod space. They are super sturdy and work really well - plus they're not crazy expensive either.

As far as hanging the clothes, I bought 50 of these skinny hangers from Bed Bath and Beyond and they are such lifesavers. I thought 50 would be too many but I'm actually already running low! Take my advice: find the skinniest hangers you can and you will save a lot of space! The lady at the store said she wouldn't buy any other hanger and I'm so glad I listened to her.

I was concerned about my purses being stolen, so I used a command hook to hang them up in a spot that is pretty hidden in the closet. I don't use them that often so this is the perfect little place to put them. For baseball hats, I did a similar thing and hung another command hook on the other side to store them. It looks kind of cute, don't you think? These pink and white striped storage bins are the perfect pop of color that my closet needed, and store so much stuff in a cute way. Thank you to the Annie Selke Company "Fresh American" for such a fun addition to my otherwise boring closet! 

Then to dress up our plain doors a little bit, I hung my custom made prints by the adorable shop A Mint Macaroon. Rebecca reached out to me and we worked together to create the prettiest prints for my dorm. She was so fun to work with and her prints are at great price points for college girls! Highly recommend checking her out if you want to create some art pieces for your space. (Isn't the bottom one that says "happiness is chips and guacamole" too funny?)

For all my college girls out there: how did you organize your dorm closet?


  1. My dorm room closet is similar to yours, I love how you put the prints on the outside!
    xo, Syd

  2. OMG I love how this turned out Caroline! My closet was one of the first things to really come together, too.

    Renee // Gimme Glamour

  3. Looks so great and cute - dorm decorating was always so much fun!


  4. Your closet is so cute, Caroline! I love the prints you decorated with!



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