Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Healthy Road Trip Snacks

While on occasion you can find me stopping at Taco Bell for a quick bite during a long drive (#guiltypleasure), in general, I am a firm believer in packing healthy goodies for road trips. Sometimes long drives make me a little nauseous, so combine that with too much chocolate or chips, and I can promise you won't be feeling too hot by the time you arrive at your final destination. Driving to school, I knew I wanted to bring a bunch of nutritious eats to ensure I would be energized and ready to set up my dorm. So, I thought I would share some of my favorites with you since it's the season for college road trips after all!

+ Trail Mix
This is my one of my favorites because I love getting a little chocolate along with all the nutrients that are packed in nuts and raisins. The nuts will keep you full and the raisins will give you potassium, iron and energy!

+ Smoothies
If you want something easy to grab while driving, a smoothie is a great choice. I'll often swing by Starbucks and get their Strawberry Banana smoothie before a long drive because it fills me up really quickly and is packed with a ton of protein. Plus it's refreshing and is great for the summertime!

+ Skinny Pop 
If you want something light and salty while driving, this one is a no brainer. You know my obsession with Skinny Pop when it comes to studying, but I also love it to munch on in the car. It's not super messy and you won't feel gross after eating a bunch of it unlike normal popcorn.

+ Carrots and Hummus 
When I drove up north last week with my friends, I brought along hummus and carrots that I had in my refrigerator at home. Little did I know that they make such a refreshing snack while driving - I honestly could not stop eating them! The carrots were a perfect little crunch and the hummus is an awesome source of fiber.

+ Salted Almonds 
Another salty snack, almonds keep you so full and you only need a few to feel satisfied. I often keep a little container in my bag or on the inside of my car to grab if I need a little something to eat.

+ Clementines
These are more ripe in the winter, but I find clementines incredibly addicting and the perfect sweet and juicy treat. You can pack a bunch in a bag and snack on them with your friends and family.

What do you like to eat on road trips?


  1. Skinny Pop is AMAZING, and a very travel friendly (and beach friendly) snack. Great list!
    Danielle @ afloat on a full sea

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