Monday, July 18, 2016

Staying Close

These past four days have been the most perfect staycation that have provided me with so much happiness and inspiration. As you most likely saw on my social media (follow me @citrusandstyle!), my bloggy friend Sammy has been staying with me here in Wisconsin. We originally met at a conference in New York City two summers ago and since then, I have visited her in Los Angeles every spring break. Sammy and I are super like-minded and always have a blast together, so she decided to take a trip to Milwaukee to see me and Fran this summer. We have been talking about getting together for months so when Sammy booked her flights and the dates were official, the three of us were pinching ourselves that we would actually be reunited! She arrived last Thursday afternoon and I think I can speak on behalf of all of us when I say we have cherished every single moment together. Having such a close friend live literally across the country is challenging because our schedules don't allow us to be together often, so having one big sleepover for four nights is just about the best thing ever. Getting to show Sammy around our city has been so much fun and it's 1000x better than Facetiming or texting in our group chat! It's things like our special bond that make me realize how fate can truly bring three friends together despite the distance and different experiences between us. Next year we'll be even more spread out (California to Indiana to Pennsylvania), but after this trip, I'm even more confident that we will be closer than ever! 

I came across this quote on Pinterest the other day and it immediately made me think of this past weekend. Friends like Sammy and Fran really make me glad to be alive (as cliche as that sounds!). I'm so grateful for our time together and can't wait for our adventures to continue in the future. 

Look out for a recap of our time together later this week!


  1. Aw this is so cute! Looks like y'all had such a fun time!

    Renee // Gimme Glamour

  2. This is so true!! Love seeing your snaps from the weekend!



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