Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Fours

This week started off busy with work and preparations before Sammy arrived in Wisconsin last night!! We've already had so much fun and I can't even believe I get to spend over 4 whole days with her! It's always a treat visiting Sammy in California but showing her around where I live and everything Milwaukee has to offer has been so exciting as well. Spending time with your "virtual" friends in real life is honestly such a blast! 


Last night we went to the cutest Mexican restaurant on the East Side that my family and I go to all the time (can't you just feel how excited my brother is to be taking the picture?! :). I want to make sure I take Sammy to my favorite places and this specific cafe is definitely one of my top picks! Make sure you follow me (@citrusandstyle) and Sammy (@preptista) on Snapchat to see everything we're up to this weekend. 

A full recap of our adventures will be up next week but here's a little sneak peek! After I picked up Sammy from the airport, we walked around downtown and stopped in a paper store with some of the cutest Rifle Paper prints. I think one for my dorm is a must!

How stinkin cute are the pink and orange dresses at the clothing store I work at? I can't wait to put a little money aside at the end of the summer and buy a few things for college :) 

I never thought I would use a Longchamp in the small size (I adore my Large one!), but I've been pleasantly surprised with my new small pink one. It has actually become my every day purse! It's the perfect size to fit all of your essentials without being a giant tote that gets heavy to lug around. 10/10 recommend for high school or college girls! 

I'm so excited for a weekend with my bloggy bff (and we can't wait for Fran to come home to hang with us!).
Have a great weekend!


  1. Those Rifle Paper Prints are so fun! Looks like you had a great week. Have a great time with Sammy, I look forward to seeing your guy's adventures!

    Ashley //

  2. you're just too cute!!! hope your week is just as fun!


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