Thursday, July 7, 2016

College Going Out Clothes

One area where I feel super unprepared when it comes to college is going out clothes. My current wardrobe is definitely not stocked in the going out department and since there are tons of fun welcome week activities right in the beginning of college, I want to make sure I have some basic pieces to get myself started on the right foot. I've done a lot of research (and talked to some stylish incoming college sophomores) and found several different items I love that are all at pretty reasonable prices.

I would say I'm more on the conservative side when it comes to which going out clothes I like - I personally prefer classic, simple looking pieces dressed up with fun jewelry or accessories. This could definitely change as I'm obviously not actually in college yet, but as of right now this is the look I'm going for!

So far my favorite places to shop for this specific "occasion" if you will are:
Urban Outfitters // a bit pricey but usually great quality
 Forever 21 // less expensive and decent quality
 Tobi  // great for simple, classic pieces that are often on sale
 Shein  // super cheap and trendy

If you know of any good places to find going out pieces, please comment below!


  1. Caroline, you're going to love college! I am at sophomore at LSU and I loved every minute of freshman year! Enjoy it while it lasts!!

    xoxo, Madison //

  2. These are great! I would also suggest some great tank tops, patterned ones and solid colors! So easy to dress up or down. Also a great leather or military jacket!
    You're going to love college!

  3. My advice is not to spend too much before going, every school has unique trends and styles! Forever 21,H&M, and similar stores are the best for "going out" clothes in college because you don't want something nice ruined. The going out style in my home state's colleges were COMPLETELY different than the school I went to, so I'm glad I didn't shop too much before arriving! Have the best time,I miss college and Freshman year is such a unique and special experience!

    Laura | Laura Aime Vous

  4. I can totally relate to this Caroline! I've been trying to find a few fun pieces that are still on the more conservative side but it can be a bit tricky.

    Renee // Gimme Glamour

  5. My advice is not to spend a ton of money on going out clothes. Don't feel pressure to dress scandalous. Be you and be proud of who you are and your wardrobe. Most college students don't have a fab wardrobe like we do and are okay with degrading themselves for a night out!

  6. Express One Eleven (a collection of tops on Express) and Asos are also great, but definitely agree with Michaela above ^. It's definitely great to stock up on a few things, but you won't REALLY know what you want to wear until you get there, and you can always borrow from friends! I spent so much money on dresses before freshman year, and by mid-way through second semester I would look back and laugh at those outfits, which were never seen again. There's no rush, so just wear what makes you feel great!


  7. make sure to buy or have some booties or heels on hand that you don't mind getting muddy/ruined when you go out!

  8. Urban Outfitters is great for going out clothes in my area! Can't go wrong with the junior's section at Nordstrom either, it's so afforable!


  9. I'd recommend bringing only two or three dresses, a couple nice tops, and one formal dress in terms of going out! Definitely have a pair of converse/booties that can go with everything but still get trashed too (frat basements are sticky...), but don't be stressed out and bring way more than you'll need for going out!


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