Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Summer Reading List

Even though it isn't really related to your physical health, reading is so important for your brain and mental wellness in general. There are so many days when I come home from work or hanging out with friends and I need a calming break, but then I resort to Netflix and feel like my brain turns to mush after a few episodes. After I read for a half hour or hour, on the other hand, I feel refreshed and sort of inspired as cliche as it sounds! Nothing is better than getting into a good book and zoning out completely immersed in the story. This summer, I have made it one of my personal missions to read more, whether it be magazines, beach reads, non-fiction, coffee table books, etc. I've come up with a running list of books to share because so many other people have been talking about their goal to read more as well!

What books have you been wanting to read? 
Are you making it your goal to get into more books this summer too?


  1. Me Before You is sooo good! No joke I read it in a day. Hope you enjoy it!

  2. Better than Before sounds amazing! I need to read more for fun this summer- I took AP Lit this past year which was great but left with no time to read for fun!


  3. love these--I published my own summer reading list as well! check it out here if you'd like:

    xo, Hannah

  4. I cannot emphasize enough how amazing Me Before You is! One of my favorites reads this year, hands down!


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