Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Outfit: Periwinkle + White Denim

I've been obsessed with this slim sweater + denim shorts look as of late, especially when the sweater is in this gorgeous shade of periwinkle! There's something so preppy and East Coast about it, and then the Stan Smith sneakers give it a cool effortless vibe too. I seriously can't get enough of these sneakers and highly recommend taking the plunge if you're in the fence - I'm a huge fan of my white converse too and this pair is different enough where I still love wearing both! White denim shorts were another thing I was hesitant about buying because I usually stick to classic chinos, but I've been surprised by how much wear I've gotten out of them! This particular pair from Target is a great price and so comfortable and flattering. 

This is my new favorite casual put together outfit for work or running errands in the summer!
How gorgeous are the pink peonies in the background?!


  1. I love periwinkle in the summer! Looks especially nice paired with navy and white!

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