Monday, April 11, 2016

My Day in LA with Sammy

I had the best time with Sammy in LA during Spring Break. Thinking there was no way we could top our day together last year, Sammy made an itinerary of such fun places around the city. Get ready for a slightly insane photo overload!

Sammy picked me up from my hotel and we headed to dinner at Hinoki and the Bird, a really unique restaurant in an area neither of us had ever been in. I ordered the most amazing crispy chicken and lemon brussel sprouts and could not recommend them enough.

After dinner we grabbed froyo and then Sammy brought showed me around her sorority house. Omg it was seriously the cutest (and nicest) sorority house I've ever seen and it made me so excited to rush next year! We hung out with some of her friends on her floor, did a face mask and then went to bed.

The next morning we grabbed breakfast and went to her 9 am math class (is it nerdy to say I enjoyed it...?!). I loved being able to see what a college class was like and see how school is for her! Let's just say I'm really regretting not applying to USC... After class, we headed to her mom, Mimi's, jewelry store in Pasadena. It was so good to see her mom again and as you can tell from this picture, she's the cutest thing alive. 

We headed over to Olive and June's Pasadena location next to get matching manicures - see a whole post about that right here!

 Perhaps my favorite part of the entire trip was lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Oh, my, goodness you guys. It could not have been any prettier. The weather was perfect, we got an adorable table outside and we ordered the best lunch, complete with chips and guac of course. Not to mention, I had been waiting all year to find that palm geo-tag on Snapchat (pathetic, I know) so a selfie was a must. 

 After lunch we stopped at Alfred Coffee for juice + iced coffee. I've seen this place all over Instagram and it was cool to finally see it in person! 

Of course, no trip to Los Angeles is complete without a stop at the pink wall (aka the Paul Smith store on Melrose). There were so many interesting people there and luckily we found a professional photographer to snap a few photos for us! We enjoyed our drinks and did a little people watching because the weather was so gorgeous.

 Our last stop was Sockerbit, a Swedish candy store a few minutes away from the pink wall. They had the most delicious candy from sour gummies to decadent chocolates. I could have filled up a bag of like 5 pounds if I wasn't so full from lunch :) 

 Check out Sammy's post to see her recap as well!
Thanks again to Sammy for being the sweetest hostess and adventure buddy!

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  1. Looks like a great time, I miss college so much! Even going to a math class sounds kind of fun haha. I'm going to L.A. in two weeks and can't wait to check out all the amazing places I'm always seeing all over Instagram!

    Laura | Laura Aime Vous


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