Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Fours

This week was all about getting back into the normal school schedule, but crazy nonetheless. Prom is next weekend so there has been a ton of preparation for that as well as for the end of senior year. It's been so busy and stressful, but my friends and I have been talking about making every single moment count and I've really gotten caught up in that mindset. Basically, I've been trying not to countdown the days until the weekend, but rather enjoy every remaining school day. Here's what's been going on this past week:

Contrary to what it may seem in this picture, I actually got a pretty good tan over spring break (which is rare for me and my pale skin), and I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to make it last! Do you know of any ways? Please tell me there's a way because having a little tan for prom would be quite nice :) 

Speaking of prom... I got asked in the cutest way yesterday. One of my friends (who was actually voted Best Dressed with me for Senior Polls!) made a big yellow sign in calligraphy that said "when life gives you lemons, go to prom with me" and then another friend handed me a bunch of lemons. It was the most adorable (and fitting!) promposal ever and I can't wait for my final prom next week! (I have to give photo creds for this because Emily Schuman is a citrus photography god.)

I just bought a bracelet from Tory Burch that I've been coveting for years and I can't even describe how much I love it. It's called the Double Wrap bracelet and I highly recommend it if you're looking for a great quality, classic piece that you'll wear for years to come. 

 I have to give another shoutout to this awesome sweater because it's so inexpensive ($14!!) and such a fun piece for summer. I always want to wear open back pieces but am hesitant to actually order one and try it out. At this great price, it makes it so much less of a risk and I was pleasantly surprised with how comfortable it is! 

Here's to one of the last school weekends before graduation! 


  1. I love your bracelet!! Looks like an amazing time
    Miss Olivia Says

  2. Moisturizing a lot can help you keep a tan and jergens also does wonders!

  3. great post and your bracelet is awesome.

  4. Love the bracelets and the open back shirt!! Seriously, senior year flies by it's insane. I was thinking the other day about how this time last year I was getting ready for prom, my last recital and graduation. Make it count!!



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