Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Pre-Spring Break Workouts

Lately in preparation for Spring Break, I've been looking at a bunch of different Pinterest workouts that work specific parts of my body. Sometimes all I think about is cardio, but strength training with weights is just as important! For today's post, I rounded up my favorite workouts I found and have been doing that make you feel the burn and that I think will make a big impact if you do them often. I have personally done all of these more than once and can definitely say I am noticing a bit of a difference already, which just motivates me to do them even more! I highly recommend trying out a few or all of these circuits if you are also wanting to tone up a bit before break.

+ For a total body cardio workout
If you can't run long distances like me (it's so hard on my knees!), I highly suggest trying this interval workout. The changing incline and speed is so good for you.

The side plank is a killer but works wonders! I've also been moving my legs in and out (first image) while planking and it's amazing how much it works your abs.

As far as legs go, I don't really do anything besides cardio and the occasional lunges. The stair stepper is perhaps the most painful but effective machine because it really slims down and defines your legs. Walking or running on a high incline works well too! 

Are you amping up your workouts at all before spring break?

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  1. These are awesome! I need to start working out more with spring break and Prom just around the corner!



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