Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Fours

Haappy Friday! I have a busy weekend ahead of me with 2 big hockey games tonight, the Sadie Hawkins dance Saturday and (of course) a brunch with my friends Sunday morning. I'm also hoping to squeeze in some closet organization because it's kind of a disaster right now! Here's a little peek at my week...


I cannot say enough good things about this little elephant I posted on Instagram a few days ago. When I was at TJMaxx back in January (it might have been December even), I was on the hunt for a silver picture frame. But knowing me, I could not simply walk in and out with a frame and instead left happily with this little white elephant as well. For only $9.99 I now have the most adorable companion on my desk! I highly recommend checking out your nearest store because they might have an elephant or something similar! 

I hope everyone had the best Valentine's Day! Mine was pretty laid back as I slept in super late, caught up on some homework and then went out to dinner with two of my best friends (followed by a custard stop because the flavor of the day was my favorite that's only available once a year!). The perfect Galentine's Day if you ask me :)

I've noticed something about myself lately... Whenever I'm in the mood to go out to eat - brunch specifically - it's not what I order that I'm craving but rather the idea of eating out. Once I'm there, I could order the biggest waffle drenched in whipped cream or a light omelet with veggies, and I'd be just as happy either way! That being said, I'm now on the hunt to find healthy restaurants like in this picture where I split the yummiest whole grain pumpkin pancakes and egg white and veggie omelet with my friend. Perhaps a brunch collab with Fran is necessary? 

Alright winter... I'm so ready for you to be over. I'm officially in a spring state of mind, but that may be because we are booking spring break soon and I can't wait for some sunshine! Do you have any fun trips in the sun coming up? Please let me live through you!

Have a great weekend everyone!
What's one thing you're looking forward to?

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