Wednesday, February 10, 2016

5 Foods to Boost Your Energy

During the week it seems like I'm always looking for a way to get more energy (especially since I am not a coffee drinker and my hot chocolate addiction isn't really helping the whole boost of energy situation). Today I've come up with 5 different foods that are great for you but also help get you a bit more energy! 

+ eggs
Eggs are seriously my favorite breakfast and after I eat one or two, I instantly get a light boost of energy without a heavy, full feeling. They have tons of protein, help with your nervous system and lessen inflammation. Basically, they're a great way to start your morning - I've been making them almost every weekend morning!

+ water
Studies show that when you're dehydrated your metabolism slows down and as a result, you have less energy. Soo, to avoid this, all you have to do is stay hydrated throughout the day! Add a lemon in your glass for a little extra flavor and be sure to get in your 8 glasses per day.

+ lean protein 
Similar to eggs, lean protein is so important and is needed for cell repair and maintenance, production of antibodies and blood clotting. One of the biggest benefits is satisfying you in between meals (something I'm sure all snackers like myself could use). Some yummy ideas include blackened salmon, lemon chicken or a grass-fed beef burger. 

+ bananas
Personally, I think bananas are so underrated and really need to be given more credit. They're so high in potassium among other important nutrients and are the perfect on-the-go snack. My favorite way to eat them is with a little bit of peanut butter - it definitely fills me up when I get home from school.

+ nuts and seeds
Nuts, and almonds specifically, are healthy fats that are really good for you. It's important to keep portion control in mind, though, since 23 almonds has 6g of protein but a good amount of calories. You need nutrients with fat to stay full longer and burn excess fat, so nuts and seeds are good for getting energy too. You don't have to eat nuts plain though - some fun ideas include: peanut butter on apple slices, sprinkling chia or flax seeds in your smoothie or stir fry with coconut oil.

Do you have any energy boosting ideas? Do share! 


  1. Love this post! I recently started drinking more water and have already noticed a difference!

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

  2. Coincidentally, I just made a post on tips to feel less tired {}! I love this list of foods + will be adding them to my weekly meal planner :).

    XOXO Paulina

  3. Eggs and bananas are my go to food every morning!
    Miss Olivia Says


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