Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Fours

TGIF, amirite? Even though this week was pretty broken up by non-school things (we had off Monday, a spirit day with no classes Wednesday and then only two classes for me today), it seemed endless and I'm so glad the weekend is almost here. I have a jam packed 48 hours ahead of me but I can't wait for some exciting adventures with my friends! Stay tuned until next week to see what I'm all up to :)

Fall is finally here in Wisconsin and I couldn't be happier about it (although the wind does make it pretty difficult to stand outside for more than 5 minutes, but I guess it's a small price to pay). Last weekend my family and I went pumpkin an apple picking and it's one of my absolute favorite traditions of the year. It was the first time in so long that we went during peak honey crisp season, and we made a delicious homemade apple sauce after that I have been eating non-stop. 

I was scrolling through the photo album on the phone the other day trying to clear up some storage (please tell me I'm no the only one who receives the "your phone's storage is almost full" notification multiple times a day... ugh) when I stumbled upon my pictures from my trip to New York City this past summer. What I would give to be back there right now! 

I've been loving a few new makeup products that I posted about earlier this week... See the post here! I seriously recommend checking out the bronzer and foundation stick if you want a little coverage to go a long way, especially if you're a high school or college girl!

On Monday I toured the University of Wisconsin Madison (go Badgers!) and it was so great to catch up with one of my good friends from school who is a freshman there now. It was such a gorgeous day out and made the campus and view of the lake seem like a fall wonderland. Speaking of college, I've officially sent in all of my applications and am excited to hopefully start hearing decisions soon... It's so freaky to think that pretty soon I will hear where I could be spending the next 4 years, and I can't wait to keep you guys updated on where I decide to go! 

I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Hope you have a great weekend (& I love that makeup bag!)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  2. Weekends really are the best!

    girl C


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