Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pre-Spring Break Cleanse

With Spring Break just around the corner, I have officially gone into cleanse mode. About a week before I leave for vacation, it usually hits me that I will be in the warm sun (that means leggings and comfy sweatshirts just aren't going to cut it...). I bump up my workout routine - luckily lacrosse starts this week - and cut out as many fatty foods as possible. Below are some helpful things to do to get you in tip top shape before you head into the sun!

+ Drink even more water everyday
Is it just me, or has stress and the unpredictable weather made your skin go absolutely crazy? My face is in this odd state of limbo - it's super dry, but then breaking out from all the moisturizer I've been applying. To clear it up again, I've been drinking more water everyday, carrying at least two with me at school (one for during the day and the other for lacrosse practice) and then two glasses or more once I get home. Always keeping a bottle nearby makes it so simple to take a sip, both when you're actually thirsty or just bored! 

+ Less (or no) desserts 
I'm going to be completely honest here... I went into the week declaring that I would not touch a single dessert for the next 7 days, but in reality that just did not happen. Yesterday there were Dunkin Donuts at school, and needless to say I just couldn't pass up the opportunity for a sprinkled vanilla one :) The main idea is to cut out as many as possible since they are packed with unnecessarily large amounts of trans fats, saturated fats, sugars... the list goes on and on. Moderation is key!

+ Devour fruits and veggies
A great substitute for desserts (since let's be real, we need some sort of sugar in our diets) is fruit, specifically berries. You get the same juicy, fruity taste like you would in pie, for example, but they are so good for you! I've been eating a lot of spinach and lettuce as well since they are packed with calcium and potassium, among so many other nutritious things.

+ Mix up your cardio and strength workouts
Like I said before, lacrosse started this week so I've been getting a different sort of workout than I would if I went to the gym. There's more squats, shuffling and sprints - things that are new for my muscle memory. Changing up your methods of cardio and strength exercises is great for fat burning and building muscle because they get your body working in a harder, newer way. When you go on the same machines or just run, for example, your muscle memory makes it so that you don't get a really great workout. That being said, try something new! Need work on your abs? Do Russian twists with a medicine ball. A leg workout? Weighted lunges. Mix it up and get your body working in a different way. 

No matter what you do to prepare for Spring Break, don't obsess over it. You should by no means be restricting yourself to a tiny amount of calories a day (that is the worst thing you can do!), but instead indulging in fresher, more nutritious foods that will make you feel a lot better. 
Do you have any other ways to cleanse in a healthy way?


  1. I'm with you on the water thing! This has been my first winter in a cold climate, and my complexion has not adjusted well. To go along with trying to cleanse, I've been drinking a few glasses of green tea a day (usually hot). It's supposed to help your skin as well so fingers crossed it will!

    Alex | Mrs. Mason Dixon

  2. Love your workout outfit! I really need to invest in some quality workout clothes, it really makes exercising a lot more fun!

    Rachel | The Quirky Collegiate

  3. Our spring break is in April and I have been trying to get to the gym 3 times a week. I also like to do an 8 min ab workout every night before I shower. With warmer weather approaching, I think that the fruit has been getting so much better and totally agree that it is one of the best (and healthy) snacks!
    Catherine |

  4. These are such great tips! I'm such a sucker for yummy desserts, I need to stock up on fruits so when I'm craving something sweet I can chow down on those & not the lemon squares in our fridge!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista


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