Monday, January 12, 2015

Hidden Opportunities

Throughout my life as a student, I've always been extremely dedicated and hard working. I've held high expectations for myself for as long as I can remember, pushing myself to study harder and get the best grades possible. And up until high school, that really worked for me. Freshman year started and adjusting to high school academics was going fine, but sophomore year really took a toll on me. Test taking is not my forte, so when it started counting more and more for my final grade, I was getting really frustrated because my gpa wasn't reflecting the amount of effort I was putting in. I felt like I could never get the grades I wanted because exams and tests were always challenging, no matter how hard I studied. You could say I kind of hit a wall and had given up, since it seemed like nothing would ever change. 

Then, junior year came. I started looking at colleges and narrowed down my search a bit, and realized that for the two main schools I loved in particular, I would need a certain gpa and ACT score to get in (for the direct admit to the business schools that is). Having that vision in mind, I said to myself: "Caroline, if you want to be accepted to these schools, something is going to have to change". Seeing my future right before me was just the motivation I needed (not to mention I purchased a sweatshirt from my favorite school to motivate me while I study :). And what would you know, I worked my little behind off this past semester and ended up getting the highest gpa I've ever had. This year, something just clicked for me. I realized that sometimes it doesn't matter how hard you study, you have to learn how to "play the game". You could say that my low point or what I considered a failure in my sophomore year led me to start over and work just as hard but a little differently, and what ultimately led me to my success. 

I hope you enjoyed this little Monday motivation sort of post!
Do you have a time when this quote was applicable?


  1. I can totally relate to this! I'm so glad you found that motivation. I hope you get in!!


  2. This has definitely been true for me as well. Once I got to Junior year, I started having a really hard time getting the grades I wanted, but with a little hard work and motivation, I made it through! Good luck with college Caroline :)

    Prep on a Budget

  3. I can completely relate to you! I have been trying to find some more motivation and my life, but I'm glad that you did! Good Luck Caroline! :)

    -Cheers to a great year!
    Sophia B.

  4. This was so fun to read. It's a good reminder that "it's never too late to restart." Good luck with the new semester!


  5. This is so relatable! Sophomore year I started having test anxiety and that really took a toll on my grades, but this year I have been working through it and getting better each quarter! Glad to see someone feels the same way :)


  6. Such a great post! The expectations to get perfect great and a 2400 on SATs is something that I always dreaded in high school, but you're right in saying that if you want something then you can achieve those great grades and scores you just have to work hard and figure out what works.

    Congrats on your success this semester. Also, if you ever need any business school app advice I'm always around for questions. I remember how un fun applications were senior year.


  7. Caroline, thank you so much for this motivation. I am a sophomore and I am feeling the same way you felt. I have always pushed myself to do my best and achieve high grades. But right now, I am so tired and haven't been doing as well as I have done in the past. Exams are now and this is exactly what I needed to finish strong. Thank you so much!!!



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