Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My Christmas Wish List

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The Countdown to Christmas is on! After asking on Twitter what sort of posts you guys are wanting to see these next few weeks, one idea I thought would be fun is my Christmas Wish List! This is in no way meant to be a way of bragging or anything like that, I just simply love seeing what others have on their lists so I thought you might too. This year I'm doing something different - instead of asking for twenty different small things, I'm asking for a few, great quality investments that I'll use for years to come. For example, I don't have a nice handbag to carry all my essentials in so I thought a crossbody from Kate Spade would be perfect. Bean Boots are another thing I've been wanting for a few years and this year I really felt the need for a pair (especially living in Wisconsin #basicallythearctic). Also, I'm wanting to kick up my photography a notch and thought that a 55mm lens would be perfect for the job, and you know I would get tons of use out of it. Below I've included thirteen other goodies in a variety of price ranges if you're stuck on what to ask for!

Now tell me, what are the three highest things on your wish list?


  1. Love your christmas list, Caroline!I've been working on mine too! I've been dying for some Tory Burch perfume ever since I borrowed yours in NYC!


  2. Ahhhh, I've been craving a Kate Spade cross body, it would be perfect for football games & shopping sprees! & Bean Boots are on my list as well, and I'm sad that they're on backorder until March :(
    Feel free to go check out my wish-list on my blog!

    xoxo, SS


  3. Bean Boots are the best Christmas gift I've probably ever received. They're so durable & cute.


  4. These are such great Christmas List! Love the boots.

  5. I live in Wisconsin too! Bean Boots are the ultimate shoe for us in Wisco, haha! The weather is all over the place and those boots can live up to anything, I have two pairs, haha!
    Beautyosaurus Lex 


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