Monday, October 20, 2014

The Art of the To-Do List

It's almost comical how many times I've talked about the importance of to-do lists in my every day life. But, I promise, there is a method behind all the madness! Not only do to-do lists look pretty when you take the time to set them up properly, but they are actually so incredibly effective. I seriously would not get anything done if it weren't for the lists I make for myself. That being said, check out my tips below for how I create (and stick to) the perfect to-do list.

Find a notepad you love.
I don't know about you, but I'm at least 10 times more motivated to cross things off my list if the paper I wrote it on is visually appealing and organized. Spending a few dollars or two on a great notepad really is worth it, especially if it is designed for a list to be written on it. See the bottom of this post for a few of my favorite ones!

Plan it out.
Possibly the worst thing ever is leaving a huge list of things to do for yourself for the weekend, and then not getting around to doing it until late in the day on Sunday. What I do, on weekends, is separate my list into what I want to accomplish on Saturday and Sunday. I leave the more time consuming things for Sunday and then that motivates me to get the easier things done Saturday!

Add fun things to the list.
My secret to checking stuff off on my to do lists is to add fun or obvious things to the mix. If you add "shower" or "workout" to the list, it makes you want to accomplish them just so you have less tasks to do! Sounds weird, but I promise, it definitely works.

Keep it in a visible place.
If I have a lot to do and know I have a busy day or weekend ahead of me, I make sure to snap a picture of the list to keep on my phone as well as put my to-do's in a place where I won't forget it, like on my desk for example. That way, I won't suddenly remember I have a lot to do and will be more time efficient throughout the day or weekend.

Shop my favorite to do lists below and tell me if you are a to-do list junkie as well!


  1. I have the same to-do list and love it! I love writing to-do lists because writing things down in my phone don't seem to stick in my head!

  2. I love these tips. I try to add things like workout and shower as well because it makes me feel like I'm on a roll when I can check both of those off around the same time. So I'm motivated to do more!


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