Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sugar Paper X Target 2015

When I saw that Sugar Paper would be doing a second collaboration with Target, I freaked out. Last year, I purchased the kraft planner as well as the confetti wall calendar, so naturally, I was too excited when I found out they would be carrying similar products. The navy and white collection are the absolute cutest, and of course, the pink and white and gold/ kraft collections are too fun as well. They officially launched yesterday so be sure to head to your local Target to check them out! I know I'll be making a trip myself this weekend :)

Which pieces are your favorites?!


  1. The pink and navy collections are to die for!

    Prep on a Budget

  2. The navy collection is too perfect! Be sure to call the store before you head over there though; a lot of stores have been late setting them out. Happy shopping!


  3. I am so excited for the new sugar paper line, but let's be honest, a new planner is the LAST thing I need! I already have a new one coming in the mail! Paper addiction is a serious illness.


  4. Wait... this is incredible! I'm definitely going to go pick out some of these adorable notebooks and such next time I'm at Target! Thanks for sharing :)

    Marissa //

  5. Oh my goodness when Sugar Paper first hit Target I sadly was spending my money on other things like the limited edition Yankee candles haha & then I looked for it later on and it was gone. Thanks for clearing up that they only are available at certain times! lol



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