Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fall Style Staples: Bottoms + Accessories

Fall Style Staples: Bottoms + Accessories

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I'm back for the second addition of my fall style staples and this time I'm sharing my must have bottoms and accessories (see my favorite tops here!). Just like last time, I have some lesser expensive alternatives in the widget above because I definitely don't think I'll be spending $40 on a wool baseball cap #sorryboutit. As far as the items go, a great pair of dark wash jeans are a basic necessity, along with a plain tan crossbody bag for all occasions. The fluted skirt has been my favorite thing ever this spring and summer, so I can't wait to style it for fall as well! And of course, a pretty tassel scarf and trendy hat are always fun to add some playfulness to your look.

What are your fall style staples?