Monday, July 7, 2014

How to Make an at Home Manicure 10x Easier

Like lots of girls, I am a nail polish fanatic. Even though I do have my few favorite go-to shades, I love testing out unique colors like navy blue or bright white. While I definitely wish I could get a mani each week, that just isn't realistic in terms of time or money. That being said, I've had to practice giving myself at home manicures, but they still have never ended up looking as professional as salon ones because my hands so darn shaky! I'm decent at working with my right hand, but don't even get me started on trying to paint on polish with my left. That's why I freaked out when I found the Julep Pile Wand because I knew it would actually give me a decent manicure for once #lifesaver! I've always been a Julep nail polish fan because of their plethora of color options, but this has made me an even bigger fan of their brand.

What I love about this wand is that it perfectly fits over any Julep nail polish cap so you don't have to worry about it spilling or slipping off. It's super easy to do and makes giving yourself a manicure simple instead of frustrating (we've all been there, ugh). And the best part? It's only $25. What a steal. 

It also lets you get creative with your polishing, like decorating your nails with tiny bows or making a chevron pattern. How fun is that?


I seriously cannot wait to get my hands (ha) on one of these wands!
Are you a Julep fan? 

Thanks to Julep for sponsoring this post! 

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  1. this looks amazing! I struggle painting my own nails as well. I've never tried Julep polished but they're on my list!

    Makeshift Munch


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