Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Fours

3 finals down, 2 to go! This week has seemed absolutely endless because I had normal classes through Wednesday and then started my exams Thursday. Even though I have been studying my you-know-what off these past few weeks, I know that summer is just a few short days away! Until then, here are some things I've been loving: 

Two of my best friends just gave me the cutest earrings from Loren Hope (a very late birthday present ;)) and I am officially obsessed with them. These little beauties add the perfect amount of dressiness to any outfit. I'm also quite surprised how incredible the quality is! Definitely a must buy for the summer. 

Oh gosh, to say I've been eating a lot of fruit lately would be quite the understatement. Pineapple, raspberries, bananas, blueberries - you name it! Oh, and I'm pretty sure I could live off of watermelon this summer. You really should take advantage of all the delicious fruits and veggies in season right now. Maybe I'll write up a post about ways to make fruit and vegetables even more yummy?

Beep beep! Ever since I got my license, I have been wanting to find a key fob that is cute and preppy but understated (nothing is worse than an obnoxious amount of key chains on your keys). After searching around for a while, I found this rather patriotic embroidered key fob from Smathers and Branson. Oh my goodness, if you think it's cute from the picture, trust me when I say it is even better in person! It also matches the red, white and blue theme of my car (I have an American flag Vineyard Vines whale sticker on the back too #guilty) which is an added bonus. Not to mention, it works for either a girl or boy since my brother and I will be sharing the car when he gets his license in 2 years. 

With summer so close I can almost taste it, I have been trying to come up with lots of fun things to do with my friends now that we can drive ourselves everywhere. One of the things I never really thought about is simply going out for lunch, dinner or brunch! I'm going to try to find lots of new places to eat at that aren't right in my neighborhood. 

I have lots more studying to do this weekend, but am so excited for my brother's confirmation on Sunday (which I will be donning Lilly to of course!). Look out for some fun pictures to come. 
Whatever you're up to this weekend, I hope you have a great one!


  1. Such pretty earrings!

  2. What kind of car do you have

  3. I have the red, white and blue VV sticker on the back of my car as well! I have the same keyfob, except the background is navy instead of the light blue! #twinning Good luck on your exams!

  4. beep beep here comes the jeep 😉

  5. those earrings are gorgeous! and i'm loving the key fob! I have a similar one with elephants from luxley & bernard!

    Rachel @


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