Thursday, January 30, 2014

Recent Purchases

Even though it's been difficult, I've been really trying to make fewer, smarter purchases this year. Instead of mindlessly purchasing things I think I'm going to wear, I have been really thinking about how I'm going to wear things and realistically, how often. Below are a couple fun things I've picked up recently!

Remember this post about wanting new sunglasses? Well, I gave that some thought too. After thinking about it, I came to the realization that I am not exactly the most careful person in the world (#oops) and that I will most likely end up breaking, smashing, losing, etc. an expensive pair. Then, when I took a trip to the J.Crew Factory store, I spotted these literally identical men's glasses that look exactly like the Rayban clubmasters! And for only $14, you could definitely call it the deal of the century. I also bought this super pretty white lace top there as well and think it is the most perfect thing for my upcoming trip to Florida. 

I also stopped in Old Navy after seeing so many cute pieces on Pinterest. Oh my goodness, I came across the most precious coral vest on sale and knew I had to have it. It looks perfect with navy, white and even the neon pink workout top I had on when I bought it! Additionally, I ran to Gap a few weeks ago as well and bought this fun baseball inspired tee. I had been looking for something like it for a long time and am in love with the one I chose. 

Have you bought anything worth chatting about lately?


  1. I totally had those sunglasses! ...but I broke them. Haha, I may need to pick up another pair. I got a pair of Ray-Ban aviators for Christmas and have been protecting them with my life because I have the worst luck with sunglasses too! I would (will be) sick if I lose or break mine.

  2. I just bought some new sunnies too and I cannot wait for them to arrive! Definitely a worth while purchase!

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  3. I always try and save money on sunglasses, too, because they are super easy to lose! And I snagged a vest at Old Navy recently, too - I love your coral one.

  4. I looove everything in this post, especially the vest. I think that I am going to purchase a lace shirt - it would make a great end of winter to spring transition piece. I would love to see how you style it.


  5. This post is to die for! I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of tortoise sunnies and the ray-ban club masters are so expensive! I hope I can find a great deal like you!


  6. Love the baseball inspired tee! Awesome finds, I need to get out shopping!

  7. Have fun coming on down the Sunshine State! (; Can't wait to see how you like it, we don't get any snow like Winsconsin but we get rain (if that counts lol)


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