Thursday, January 30, 2014

Friday Fours

Happy Friday everyone! This was such an odd week as I had Monday off and then Tuesday ended up being cancelled because of the so called polar vortex... Needless to say, it was kind of a crazy past couple of days! Here's what I've been up to:

:: one ::
Since my 2014 motto is to "try new things," I went to one of my favorite restaurants and ordered something completely crazy: the fruit waffle. Usually I opt for my favorite blackened salmon salad (I am a creature of habit after all) but decided to change it up, and oh my goodness, what a difference it made! Who knew a waffle could be so pretty, and delicious! 

:: two ::
If you read this post then you probably already know about my latest find, the Rayban Clubmaster look alike! I seriously cannot wait to have an excuse to wear them and for once, I actually love how they look on me. If you are in the market for a new pair or are in the mood to treat yourself, I seriously recommend them - they look super expensive!

:: three ::
Ohh the to do list. When will this stress relieving method not do the trick? Since Sunday is my day for getting everything set and ready for the week, I've started making one every week of what I want to accomplish throughout the day. It's definitely done wonders - I've been more productive and have crossed things off that I've been meaning to for weeks!

:: four ::
Lastly, I know this is a repost but I just had to share my favorite seasonal category of fruit with you: the citrus fruits (#obvi)! I've literally been eating way too many grapefruits and oranges to count and have been loving every minute of it. They are so good for your body and make you feel so cleansed and refreshed throughout the day. If you're not really a grapefruit or orange lover, try clementines! I promise you will become addicted. 

Well that was my week, how was yours?
Any fun plans for the weekend? Do share!


  1. Those clubmaster look-a-likes are gorgeous! Also- your waffles & citrus fruits look delicious :)

  2. That waffle looks delicious and those sunglasses are lovely! I'm kind of obsessed with citrus as well - clementines are my absolute favorite!

  3. Ooh those waffles look so yummy! It's been such a long time since I've gone out to breakfast, now I'm craving it!

  4. I love to-do lists too. That notepad is super cute.

  5. not ashamed to say that i just bought those sunglasses this morning! also i love making to-do lists, more than i like doing the things on the list...

  6. When I saw "bathroom" I thought you put going to the bathroom on your to-do list hahahahahahaha.

  7. These posts are adorable! Absolutely love them!




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