Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sail to Sable Corduroy Collection

When I first heard about Sail to Sable, I thought "ooh what cute summery tunics!", never thinking they could be worn in the cooler months of Fall and Winter because of their light, airy material. But then recently, the fabulous ladies behind the scenes at the brand came out with the Corduroy Collection! Isn't that the sweetest idea? You get the fun colors of Spring and Summer with the fabric perfect for Fall and Winter. Aka, the best of both worlds. The only problem? How's a girl to choose which one?! 

Go check out the collection and leave a comment below telling me your favorite ;)


  1. I love the Brooke tunic! These are so cute :)


  2. The Alex and the Brooke are my favorites!

  3. I am just dying over that green and pink tunic! I have never seen them before!


  4. I like the one in the middle! I usually don't think of pink&green being worn in winter but the one with navy works :)


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